January 1, 1970 Archives

Then you’re probably a conservative. But if you would slap me, then you’re probably a liberal. I think… Nicholas Kristof has the latest science on how our political and cultural leanings are products of our neurons: Would you be willing […]

Father Alberto Cutie’, a.k.a. “Father Oprah,” the hunky South Florida priest with a popular television minstry on relationship advice and–it turned out–a girlfriend of his own on the side, has joined the Episcopal Church. That was fast. The AP reports: […]

A lobby of hyper-Marianists sees signs that Benedict XVI is open to declaring the dogma that the BVM “corempetrix” of humanity with her Son–that’d be Jesus Christ. From the Vatican, RNS’ Francis X. Rocca reports this week: At least 7 […]