I will give in and sign up for Twitter at some point, sooner rather than later. But this is the sort of thing that gives me pause:

NEW YORK (AP) — Experience the Passion of Christ — in 140-character bursts. In a marriage of Christian tradition and digital technology, Wall Street’s Trinity Church is using the micro-blogging service Twitter to perform the story of Jesus Christ. The main characters will tweet the Passion play for three hours beginning at noon on Good Friday. The feed also can be delivered to mobile devices or e-mail addresses.

I should be more understanding. I can see how this would be a good thing, a small reminder to those who are working their butts off today of the parallel drama that is unfolding, and that unfolds every day. In a sense we do “prayer tweets” all the time–a Hail Mary here, an Our Father there, maybe a Psalm. Even a Station. And Trinity Church does great work and ministry.

So go ahead, sign up here! Tell me how it goes. Later. In 140 characters or less. Just as St, Matthew would have done…

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