That was the question Simon Peter posed to Jesus, and it is Archbishop Dolan’s motto. Heraldry maven Fr. Guy Selvester at “Shouts” has the fascinating whys and wherefores of the symbols of the coat of arms:

The red saltire or “X” shaped cross on a silver (white) background in the archdiocesan arms is a cross of St. Patrick recalling the archdiocese’s patron. The sail of a windmill is taken from the arms of the city and alludes to its Dutch origins. The four red crosses represent the four Gospels. Dolan’s personal arms use the crown from his native St. Louis’ archdiocesan coat of arms as well as two scrolls alluding to his patron, St. Timothy, the companion of St. Paul. The arms associated with Dolan contain three crescents which are reproduced here but for difference one is changed from gold (yellow) to silver to represent the Immaculate Conception of Mary, patroness of both the USA and the Pontifical North American College which Dolan once served as rector.

Dolan's arms.jpg

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