Rush & Punkin.jpgThe right-wing crock jock does love animals–don’t get between Rush and his cat, Punkin. So it’s no surprise that he is the latest celebrity plugger enlisted by the Humane Society in its campaign to underscore the link between faith and the proper treatment of animals. The Humane Society of the United States says it “welcomes such vigorous statements of support from Americans of all points of view, and is grateful to Rush Limbaugh for reaching out to his audience with a message of kindness and compassion for animals.”

In his PSA, Rush does try to underscore that being nice to animals is a “traditional value” that he says is a natural for conservatives and believers. The reason this link hasn’t been so strong, he says, is because “views about religion have been stereotyped and so have ideas about those who champion the cause of animals.”

Rush sets us straight: “It’s not politics, it’s not pop ideology that bring animals into our thoughts. These are fundamental matters to the teachings of all the world’s major religions.”

Even The Gospel of Limbaugh, it seems. Now, if Rush only liked people as much as his cat…

Listen to Rush here.

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