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After all the rumors and misdirection about who Obama will or can’t or won’t pick, Eric Gorksi of the AP has a very good and realisitc look at the process and possible candidates here. The lede: Since the United States and […]

Marilyn Chambers, who went from the “Ivory Snow” poster mom to star of the porn classic, “Behind the Green Door,” died on Easter Sunday. She was 56. A fulfilling life? She was a mother in ral life it seems, but never […]

So the latest Obama-hates-God “story” making its way around the conservative blogosphere is that the president ordered religious symbols covered during his policy speech on the economy at Georgetown this week. The clear implication is that, obviously, Obama is an […]

Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte made the comments in reference to the widely-publicized case of the nine-year-old sexually abused girl in Brazil impregnated with twins by her stepfather. In his interview with Quebec’s Le Devoir newspaper (click here for the original en […]

The right-wing crock jock does love animals–don’t get between Rush and his cat, Punkin. So it’s no surprise that he is the latest celebrity plugger enlisted by the Humane Society in its campaign to underscore the link between faith and the […]

While the chief goal of the more strident opponents of Obama’s scheduled appearance at Notre Dame’s commencement has been to get the president dis-invited, a new effort is being organized to fire university president Father John Jenkins, CSC. The campaign […]

That was the question Simon Peter posed to Jesus, and it is Archbishop Dolan’s motto. Heraldry maven Fr. Guy Selvester at “Shouts” has the fascinating whys and wherefores of the symbols of the coat of arms: The red saltire or “X” shaped cross […]

The pro-choice Democratic–and Catholic–New Mexico governor is going to Rome next week with his archbishop, Michael Sheehan, to a special lighting ceremony at the Colosseum in honor of the state’s decision to repeal the death penatly. The effort was a […]

But if you haven’t, by some chance, seen the video of the audition from “Britain’s Got Talent” (or “American Idol” as we call it, complete with Simon), check it out. You likely know what’s coming, but I guarantee you’ll smile […]

True to form, at his first news conference as Archbishop of New York, held this morning before this afternoon’s installation Mass, Timothy Dolan was humorous, enthusiastic, engaged and–not swinging at every pitch. While many might see him as a “throwback” […]