Thomas Tobin.jpgWhat do they have in common? As Rhode Island’s Bishop Thomas Tobin explains, nothing. Homosexual marriage is more like Chianti. (Or is it oysters and snails, Antoninus?) In any case, Bishop Tobin seems to be emerging as one of the bullier pulpiteers in the American hierarchy. His “imaginary” interview with Obama about abortion last February generated a good deal of commentary, not all positive.

His latest column, on gay marriage, is especially blistering, and I think is an example of when prophetic denunciation becomes an attack on people themselves, in this case gays and lesbians, whose sexual activities are “offensive to Almighty God,” as Tobin says.

Here let me explain the “champagne principle.” Not every wine is champagne. Champagne has certain very specific, universally recognized characteristics. If someone were to take a bottle of Chianti, label and sell it as champagne, they’d be arrested for fraud. In the same way, those who seek to redefine marriage – with its specific characteristics – and to usurp the title “marriage” for their morally bankrupt relationships, are committing an act of fraud. It’s insulting to those who have entered the authentic, sacred and time-honored institution of marriage over the years.

The gay culture continues to seep into our popular culture, cleverly claiming credibility. Did you see that President Obama issued special invitations to gay families to participate in this year’s Easter Egg Hunt at the White House? Just another not-too-subtle attempt to ignore the objective immorality of the situation and present gay couples as normal and happy as every other couple.

He also lays out the point-by-point critique of gay marriage. But most notable is his withering tone, and his challenge to Rhode Island Catholics to fight against their apathy and defeat gay marriage. Apathetic he is not. Read all about it…

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