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That is just one of the remarkable and poignant quotations from Tom Roberts’ new story at NCR on a old topic–clerical sexual abuse–and an even older warning, from back in the 1950s. In correspondence Roberts dug up between Fr. Gerald […]

Or would-be saints, perhaps “will-be” saints, in the case of Karl Rahner, who died 25 years ago today, and Sr. Thea Bowman, the African-American Franciscan, who helped to found the Institute of Black Catholic Studies at Xavier University in New Orleans. […]

And he is obviously Catholic. But the proof of her existence will come tonight if Gonzaga beats North Carolina. Read it and weep. Brackets here…

From today’s “Houses of Worship” column, which is titled “Is One Man’s Faith Another’s Superstition?” I try to explore the difference between religion and superstition, or witchcraft, an issue that the pope raised in Angola last week. An excerpt: The […]

Well, let’s hope it’s final. Just as a bit of housekeeping, it seems that after editing and changing some of Pope Benedict’s comments on condoms when he was in Africa–and prompting an uproar–the official text is back to what the pope […]

Many of you know Rocco Palmo’s “Whispers in the Loggia.” Well now you can visit Fr. Guy Selvester’s “Shouts in the Piazza,” which he has resucitated by popular demand. Father Guy in a parish priest in my native New Jersey […]

“Never mind.” That seems to be Archbishop Burke’s take on his explosive interview with Randall Terry of Operation Rescue in which he took Obama voters and his brother bishops in the U.S. to task for being softies. Rocco has the […]

A remarkable development in the Obama-to-Notre Dame saga, via Thomas Peters, the “American Papist”: Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix has sent Fr. John Jenkins, president of Notre Dame, an email saying his invitation to Obama to speak at the May 17 […]

That’s the thrust of Archbishop Raymond Burke’s message to Operation Rescue’s Randall Terry, who released video of his interview this week. Terry, who is leading one of the more eye-popping campaigns against Obama’s Notre Dame appearance, had promised “candor and clarity” […]

Hey, the former House Speaker, pro-death-penalty, thrice-married, GOP comeback kid is making it official and becoming a Catholic this Saturday at St. Joseph’s Church, the venerable Capitol Hill parish. The WaPo’s Chris Cillizza has The Fix. Media Matters details Gingrich’s […]