Actress Natasha Richardson apparently suffered some sort of head injury while skiing north of Montreal, but after dire reports that she was in critical condition or worse, it seems she’s now taken a plane back to New York with her husband, Liam Neeson. Let’s pray that’s good news.

Neeson, who was filming near Toronto at the time, is a favorite of mine (as is Richardson and her whole tribe). I had a brush with Neeson’s Irish good humor a couple of times as he narrated two documentaries I worked on for CNN about historical Christianity, and the guy on the screen you’d like to have a pint with is the same fellow in person. He is obviously a devoted dad to their two boys, and a Catholic who grew up in the north in–get this–Ian Paisley’s home district.

A scary story for St. Patrick’s Day, and let’s hope Neeson’s patron is looking out for his clan.

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