Or is it vice versa? I guess we’ll have to wait for video of the 2009 Speaker Series, which features right-wing harridan Ann Coulter against left-wing God-baiter Bill Maher. Now there’s a choice. The NYT has a story (and photos below) about the matchup.

A tease:

She [Coulter] and Mr. Maher had agreed to face off in a series of debates over the next three nights, and Ms. Coulter was concerned that their material might go stale from repeated performances.

“Bill wants me to behave like a wife who laughs each time she hears her husband tell the same story,” Ms. Coulter said. “I told him I’m not an actress, or I’d have a bigger apartment.”

A few minutes later, Mr. Maher, host of the HBO series “Real Time With Bill Maher,” entered the room, dressed in jeans and a Planet Hollywood jacket. He hugged Ms. Coulter, and noted the high-heeled shoes she was wearing. “Did you get taller?” Mr. Maher asked. “I wanted to intimidate you,” Ms. Coulter replied teasingly.

What a hoot, huh?


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