January 1, 1970 Archives

The SSPX “Tradicals,” whose anti-Semitic concoctions have landed their would-be new best friend, Pope Benedict XVI, in hot water, have apparently begun scrubbing the web of their worst musings. One article, “The Mystery of the Jews,” which I posted about […]

The Beliefnet Bosses have responded to laments about the difficulty of posting comments and the “captcha” system–which requires typing in the letters you see distorted in a box so your comment can go live–has been dropped, at least for now. […]

The buzz is a roar. The race to succeed Cardinal Edward Egan is nearing the finish line. And the winner is…! “Who knows?”, by a mile! Well, one sure bet is that the long-awaited announcement is nigh–Egan (he’s the one […]