Buddy Christ.jpgAre you friends with Jesus? Jim Martin, my Jesuit friend, is. Finally. Yep, here’s the Big Guy’s page…And here’s what Father Jim has to say about it over at America’s blog:

On the one hand, I was delighted. Who wouldn’t be? And I said “yes” immediately to God’s request, unlike a certain young virgin from Nazareth who had to ask, “How can this be?” I know better than to say no to God’s requests, or even to doubt his inscrutable will. (When Zechariah questioned God’s will in the Gospel of Luke, he was struck dumb, which is something I like to avoid.) Here I am, Lord, and I come to be your Facebook friend!
But beyond just saying “yes” to Jesus, I figured, perhaps selfishly, that there were many benefits that would accrue by being “friended” by the Son of God. For one thing, after all that puzzling over confusing Scripture passages (like about half of the Gospel of John), trying to figure out the point of suffering and, in general, struggling to discern his more-often-than-not mysterious will, I could finally get what I hope would be clearer answers to my questions. Like, did God really need to make so many mosquitoes? Where do pigeons lay their eggs? Why does the other line always move faster? And what’s with this Rod Blagojevich guy?
On the other hand, I was a little annoyed…

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Personally, I’m not offended. Better than a bumper sticker telling everyone “Jesus is my BFF!” My main problem is with the photo Jesus uses. It’s, like, WAY old-fashioned. Much better the option posted here, courtesy of Kevin Smith’s film “Dogma.”

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