Answered prayer. Just came across this–the perfect Christmas gift for my daughter AND the perfect solution to the vocations crisis: My Mass Kit, the “flagship product” from a new Catholic toy company called Wee Believers™.
According to the website, “Children will enjoy ‘playing Mass’ using this kit as a part of their playtime activities at home or at school, and in environments such as a church sanctuary where busy-child activity requires solemn attendance.” And there’s more: My Mass Kit includes “Crucifix, Chalice, Thurible, Finger Bowl, Purificator, 2 Cruets, 2 Candles, Paten, cloth Corporal, and foam Hosts.”
Foam? Well, can’t have everything. Oh, and I see that “This innovative, educational and entertaining soft-sculpture toy is aimed at play for boys ages 3-12.” Boys? Sorry, Stella. You’ll have to settle for reading Dora the Explorer with Dad. And belting out the Agnus Dei because the line about the sins of the world reminds you of your favorite tune from “The Little Mermaid.” It ain’t easy raising your kid Kafflick.
Hat tip: Renee Gadoua at the Syracuse Post-Standard!

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