iBreviary.jpg. It had to happen: The iPhone–a.k.a. the Jesus Phone–gets an iBreviary, and with a Vatican imprimatur. The Times of London has the story:

The Vatican has approved a computerised prayerbook for a new generation of gadget-loving Roman Catholic priests.
It has sanctioned the sale of the “iBreviary” – the book of prayers, readings and services used by priests every day. It includes the complete Roman Missal – the order of the Mass – and the main Catholic prayers. It was created for the iPhone by the Italian priest Father Paolo Padrini and can be downloaded from iTunes for just 79p. [$0.99 for US buyers]
Officially endorsed by the Vatican’s Council for Social Communications, it is the first iPhone application approved by the Holy See.
Fr Padrini has produced only an Italian version so far but English and Spanish editions are planned.

Of course it makes sense…Pope Benedict XVI has an iPod, and as I wrote here, Macs are Catholic, and PCs are Protestant. Didn’t know that?
iPope Orange.jpgIn any case, Microsoft better get moving. More than a billion Catholics in the world, Christmas is around the corner, and the Pope himself just said that “The Vatican media must unite their efforts to provide packages of word, sound and images to proclaim the Gospel to modern Internet users.”
H/T: RNS blog

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