…But still not enough of us, or often enough. The tools are there, even if the recent Synod on the Word in Rome didn’t deploy them. Here’s a Wall Street Journal piece I wrote for last Friday’s paper that may help:

“…A funny thing happened on the way to modernity: The Catholic Church opened itself to the Word in a way it hadn’t done before. In the process, it fostered a balanced culture of biblical exegesis and devotion (at least among most scholars and clerics) that many in sola scriptura Protestantism might envy. Especially in light of trends in mainline denominations that foster a radical deconstruction of biblical texts on the one hand, or, on the other hand, a blinkered literalism that appeals to many conservative pew-sitters.”

So how “biblical” was your homily today? If not enough for your liking, go check out Holy Writ for yourself–and do it in a group, with good guidance.

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