Yes, Catholic News Service has the story:

MILWAUKEE (CNS) — Don’t let their veils and name — Sisters of Charity of St. Joan Antida — deceive you. Members of the Milwaukee order aren’t just brides of Christ. They’re biker girls.
“We’re part of a gang,” the sisters laughed over coffee. They belong to the Sisters of the MMG (Muskegon Motorcycle Gang).
When the Harley-Davidson 100th anniversary celebration rolled around in 2003, someone at St. Joan Antida High School, the all-girls high school on Milwaukee’s south side sponsored by the order, suggested that the sisters open their grounds to Harley riders looking for a place to rest their heads during the festivities. The Muskegon Motorcycle Gang from Michigan took the sisters up on their offer.
“It was a bit scary,” said Sister Ann Josepha Lencioni of the decision. “But the sisters pulled together and felt it would be a good thing for Milwaukee.”

It’s a nice read, and a nice story…

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