Jesus Cheeto.jpg Or rather, the Jesus Cheeto, as it’s being called. Yes, we’ve found Mother Teresa in a cinnamon bun (until it was stolen) and of course the Virgin Mary everywhere (check out this gallery).
Now we have Jesus in a Cheeto, found by a Texas woman, and via the Dallas Morning News blog. According to the DMN, the pastor of the local Kirkwood United Methodist Church does not see anything theologically special about the Cheeto, but thinks some good could come from it. Pastor David Bennett says, “If people can find Jesus, somehow, in each of us like she’s found in this object, that would be a wonderful thing.”
First, I hope this lady doesn’t get into trademark trouble with Frito-Lay. They are based in Plano, TX, after all. Then again, maybe it’s a marketing scheme. “Good fun!” is the company motto…
Second question: If Protestants can find Jesus in a snack food, why do they have such trouble believing in transubstantiation in the Catholic mass?
Then again, I think even the all-new, really old, super-duper, literal-equivalency, Latin-sounding, Vatican-approved prayer translations (see above) would have difficulty confecting the Jesus Cheeto.

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