John Calvin.jpgSpeaking of souvenirs–as I like to do–while the Presbyterian Church (USA) is discussing (arguing) homosexuality at their meeting in San Jose, they are making great inroads against the Catholic Church. According to the omnipresent Gary Stern of the Westchester Journal News, the PCUSA is displaying a John Calvin bobblehead in the exhibit hall. That is beautiful.
Bobblehad.jpgSome may recall that I was a bit dismayed last April when, on the eve of the visit of Pope Benedict XVI, the Archdiocese of Washington had a public service spot (encouraging pilgrims to use mass transit to Mass) because it used a pope bobblehead–but a “bad bobblehead,” according a church spokesperson, because the skullcap was the wrong color. Then again, if the sober-sided Calvin were here, I wonder if he’d be good with his souvenir simulacrum. Which is, I presume, historically correct.

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