Russert at Vatican.jpgThe public mourning for Tim Russert is going on today with a viewing at the St. Albans School, the Episcopal school his son attended in Washington. The private funeral mass will be held tomorrow (Wednesday) at Holy Trinity Church, the Georgetown parish run by the Jesuits, the order that held a special place in Russert’s heart (an affection that was returned in kind). Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, retired archbishop of Washington and a great communicator himself, will be the celebrant.
See also this item about Russert’s trip last week to the Vatican, just before his sudden death. It includes this family photo at right.
Also this new roundup from the CNS blog.
murnion_williams.jpgUPDATE: Via dotCommonweal, the National Pastoral Life Center has just announced that Brian Williams will replace Russert and deliver the June 27 Philip J. Murnion Lecture for the Catholic Common Ground Initiative. The new title of the talk Russert was to give is “Tim Russert, the Political Process, and the Common Ground for the Catholic Church. ”

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