June 2008 Archives

There is so much to chew over in the latest batch of data from the Pew Forum’s prodigious Religious Landscape Survey, but combine the Pew’s numbers on Catholic party affiliation with a lesser-noted new survey from Georgetown’s CARA institute, and […]

The potty-mouthed, acid-tongued, but often hilarious comedian George Carlin has died, and with him another product of a bygone Catholic culture–the parochial school “class clown” (as he styled himself) who rebelled against all those strictures but got his revenge by […]

In his New York Times “Beliefs” column this week, Peter Steinfels takes a look at a strange pair of political bedfellows: The bare-knuckles, divide-and conquer former White House political operator, Karl Rove, and the National Right to Life Committee, the […]

You decide. Click here for my interview with Australian bishop, Geoffrey Robinson, who just completed a U.S. tour to discuss his controversial new book, “Confronting Sex and Power in the Catholic Church.” Here’s an excerpt: Amid all the turmoil, you […]

Fine roundups of the sendoff for the late Tim Russert from the WaPo’s Howard Kurtz and the NYT’s Jacques Steinberg. Both focused on the public memorial at the Kennedy Center, which was televised–and could anyone beat an acoustic version of […]

QUESTION: My son and daughter-in-law belong to a church with different beliefs from mine, and thus my new grandchildren, a few months old, were not going to be baptized. My 1950s Catholic background would not let me sleep, so I […]

The public mourning for Tim Russert is going on today with a viewing at the St. Albans School, the Episcopal school his son attended in Washington. The private funeral mass will be held tomorrow (Wednesday) at Holy Trinity Church, the […]

So the Diocese of Rome (that’d be the pope’s diocese) has barred Ron Howard and Tom Hanks and the production team filming “Angels & Demons,” the “Da Vinci Code” prequel/sequel, from shooting inside two churches in the Eternal City. At […]

Barack Obama’s meeting last week in Chicago with a high-profile group of Christian leaders from across the spectrum–T.D. Jakes, Franklin Graham, among others–was a coup of sorts for the candidate, as it gave some of his most important critics, and […]

The death of Tim Russert last Friday was not only a shock to the journalistic world, but also to the wider American community, judging by the reactions across the blogosphere and in my own anecdotal experience with friends and family. […]