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As the end of the year arrives, it’s a common tradition to set goals for the upcoming year. This can be a great family activity. You can even teach young children about goals, why they’re important, and how to set them.

You’re probably aware that I’m a big believer in the Law of Attraction which is one of the reasons why I feel so strongly about setting goals.

I know that the Universal Law of Attraction works, but I also know that setting goals is very important, as it all starts with your intention. Intention gets the energy going toward your goals. What do you intend for your day, your week, and long term?

Goals can help you achieve clarity and focus about what it is you really want by examining how you feel about each choice you have.

This is true whether your goal is about achieving a certain level of income, finding a new romantic partner, meeting a health milestone, or getting a shiny new bicycle, as your child might say.

The Law of Attraction states that you attract things, people and experiences in your life that are in alignment with your energy. You send out energy all the time in response to your desires and what’s happening in your life at the moment. Sometimes the energy you send out is all mixed up, and sometimes it’s right on track which allows you to make and reach your goals more easily.
Your goals should be very specific for the manifestation to begin. Business leaders and fitness coaches stress this point all the time. You might have a desire to be healthier, but if you state your goal as “I want to be healthier,” you probably won’t see much in the way of results.

Being specific is not enough though. Your goals should be something you personally feel very positive about. Remember you attract based on how you feel about what you want. If you don’t really care much about whether or not you achieve your goal, or if your goal is something you don’t actually want, but think it’s something you should want or do, you probably won’t see results either.

You might say, “I want to be healthier, so I’m going to lose 30 pounds,” which is specific, but if you don’t really believe it will work, it isn’t going to happen. If you’re only looking to lose weight because your doctor said it would be a good idea, then you aren’t doing it for yourself to begin with so you aren’t setting yourself up for success.

Think about why you want your goal. If you want improved health, is it so you can be there when your kids grow up? Is it because you want to travel and have more fun on a trip? Every reason will serve you as long as you feel good about it and believe you can have it.
Your child’s goals will be simpler than yours, but equally important to them. Help them verbalize and explore what they want.

Writing down your goals and your child’s goals is an important step too. The act of writing helps etch this intention into your heart and mind. Then post the goals somewhere you can see them. Read your goals several times a day. Be aware of inspired thoughts you have after you’ve stated your goals. If you have a sudden urge to take a class, go for a walk, or call somebody you haven’t spoken to in a long time, do it.

Every time you take inspired action, you’re increasing your alignment with your goal. The inspiration may be the Universe guiding you towards your goal. This guidance may lead you to take more action or your heart’s desire may literally land on your doorstep, but if you don’t open the door, you’ll never find out.
Your children will feel empowered knowing they can take action toward what they want. They will learn an important process regarding intention and moving in the direction of their goals in life.

Happy manifesting and have a wonderful new year!

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