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Are you an evolved parent? This could be a loaded question. What is evolved? In this particular context I’m using “evolved” as to mean modern, but even more complex than that. “Evolved” can be defined as “to develop by a process of evolution to a different adaptive state or condition.” I see this to mean not only in our biology but also how it relates simply to our family life.

We live in a very fast moving world these days and the energy and momentum of our lives is accelerating each day. It’s especially important for parents to be adaptive to this new pace. The pressure on your kids to keep up in school, be good at the sports they participate in and perform in general is so much greater than it ever has been. Your kids need an evolved and informed parent to support their growth and help them manage stress.

Being an evolved parent means:

~ Being adaptive to the current desires and actions your kids may want to take. For example: Your child wants to participate in an activity that was not in your frame of reference when you were their age.

~ Having an attitude of receptivity toward your child, recognizing their unique qualities. For example: Your child has different values or interests than other kids their age.

~ Keeping current and up to date on what is happening in your children’s lives. For example: Teaching them to share what is going on by sharing what is going on with you. We tend to shield our kids from harsh realities, but finding gentle and diplomatic ways to keep them current on your life is important.

~ Fostering their independence, starting at an early age. This will help your kids start to recognize and choose how they want to fit in to the world. For example: Allowing them to make their own choices and also how they want to use their time.

~ Teaching your children about their Internal Guidance System. Their IGS is their compass to their highest choices and decisions accessed by tapping into their feelings and wellbeing. For example: Instead of choosing for your child, guide them in trusting their inspiration and intuition.

Being an evolved parent means being adaptive to your modern child, and it’s an evolution that takes place one day at a time. Being open and willing to take it as it comes and teaching your kids how to go with the flow will go a long way in fostering your own evolution and theirs as well.

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