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What parent wants their child to be pessimistic, apprehensive, or always looking at the world as if it were half-empty? I certainly wouldn’t want that for my kids, or any kids for that matter. Neither would the parents that I talk to.

So the consensus is that everyone wants their kids to be happy and positive, right?

That’s great, but that is not necessarily empowering them to take control of their own lives. That is where the Law of Attraction comes in.

Sure, parents need to teach their children the benefits of being positive. A positive attitude will definitely take you far in this world.

As Little Orphan Annie sings, “The sun will come up tomorrow.” The sun will indeed come up, but what sort of day will the sun bring with it? While you can always put a positive spin on things — and that is a valuable and important skill to practice — you also want to attract events and people into your life that will bring you joy.

Being genuinely positive is part of being in alignment with the Universe. This step is part of learning to apply the Law of Attraction in your life, but there is more to it than that. You can teach your kids the difference, and how to use their positive attitude while applying other LOA tools to attract and achieve what they want in life.

Rather than feeling like a Pollyanna by maintaining a positive energy, see it as being in harmony with things that you want to attract. This is one reason there are many people who seem to live charmed lives without knowing a thing about the Law of Attraction. They are simply living it and expecting it.

At a very early age, kids know what feels good and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, there are many influences in their young lives that will cause them to either distrust, deny their “gut feelings”, or put the desires of other people above their own. It is possible for a child to remain positive even in this situation, but until they learn to really rely on their Internal Guidance System (IGS), they will never live to their fullest potential.

By learning to check in with their Internal Guidance System, kids will learn that they have their own compass by which they can make decisions for their lives. Their IGSs will help them know what is right for them, which may be different from what their friends or even their parents want for them.

Sometimes listening to their IGSs will take them on a path that appears to be more challenging. A positive attitude combined with a complete trust in this guidance system will allow them to persevere through tough times and result in a much more rewarding life.

What are your thoughts?

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