Parenting on Purpose

Before you can teach your kids how to use their internal guidance system, you must be able to first teach yourself how to use your own.                     

We all have an Internal Guidance System (IGS), although not everyone knows that they do and some people ignore theirs.  What is an Internal Guidance System? It is the part of you that knows your highest path, your highest choice.  It helps direct you to create what you came into this life to create.  Some people refer to it as their “gut” talking to them.  Others say they are following their “heart.”

Your IGS will never fail you. Will it help you make decisions for others?  No. It is your own personal guidance system that exists for you and only you. It speaks to you in the language of feelings, desires, and inspirations, not questions or pros and cons, which are generated from your head.

I have always felt my IGS intently from my heart. I never think about what decisions I will make. Instead, I feel my way through them.  In fact, I believe you “feel” from your heart, never from your head. Your head is the rational, practical part of you. It will serve you well when it comes time to follow through with the inspired actions that your IGS has informed you are the right actions to take.

Trusting your IGS is an important part of this valuable guidance. Trust and faith in yourself and the Universe is an integral part of creating the life you want.

So how do you use your IGS? It sounds simple, and it can be, but it requires practice. You can get in your own way by overthinking your choices. You use your IGS by being aware of your feelings.  When you’re faced with a decision, ask yourself: How does it feel when I consider one option versus another?  Be aware of those feelings; stop and pay close attention. Do you have a desire to move ahead with this choice?  Do inspirational thoughts and ideas come forth?  Does it feel like there is no other option and that this choice is the only one for you? Or does it feel heavy or negative in your heart?  Does it feel like you should do it rather than that you want to do it? This is your Internal Guidance System communicating with you.

How does this apply to your parenting? By knowing what is true and right for yourself, you can then teach your child how to determine what is right for themselves and how to follow their own guidance to create what they want, and how to recognize what doesn’t serve them. When I became comfortable using and trusting my IGS, I taught my kids how to use theirs, which was one of the best self-empowerment tools I was able to give them.

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