Parenting on Purpose

Welcome to my blog, “Parenting on Purpose.”  I’m really excited for the opportunity to share my views, what I teach parents in my practice, and my personal experiences in raising three children. It isn’t always easy to have the communication and closeness that we want with them but we do want more ease and peace in our relationship with our kids, don’t we?

My intention is to inspire you, educate you and offer perhaps a new perspective in your parenting and life with your kids! Some of the topics you’ll hear me speak about, are your Internal Guidance System, how to use it in raising and supporting your children, and how to help them use their own guidance. Intention and positivity are powerful forces that help us reach our goals in parenting. I also utilize and tap into the laws of the universe, mainly The Law of Attraction,which supports us in every aspect of our lives. I have always used it in my parenting. Thank-you being on this journey with me, I look forward to enhancing your parenthood.

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