Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Have Mercy on My Soul: Am I a Bad Cat Mother? You decide!

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BAD CAT MOTHER: Why hath thou forsaken me? by Janice Taylor for Beliefnet
I speak not of Mary, God, my angels, my husband nor my children. I speak of my cat, Rayne.
Rayne, cat of all cats, why hath thou forsaken me?
Why have you taken to scrunching into your oh-so clean litter box, placing all four paws inside of it, and at the same time, allowing your furry little tush, butt, can, behind, hang out of it, so that all your ‘doings’ whether liquid or solid in nature, land on the bathroom floor? Why Rayne, hath thou forsaken me? After twelve years of aiming perfectly, tell me … why now? What’s up?
Each time, little Rayne manages her balancing act, her aerobic feats of cat strength, I have to clean like crazy the floor, and change the litter because the outer bag is dripping with liquid. I then have to (and I mean have to) scrub the bottom of the litter box (Liquids tend to seep underneath. Sorry, if I am too graphic in explanation).
I have spent more time cleaning the bathroom than any other activity this week. I smell of bathroom cleaner (luckily not the cat stuff). Oh, you see, there is always something that one can latch on to be happy about.
To that positive point of view, the bathroom is a natural no food zone. I’m spending so much time in there, hours upon hours, cleaning and also smelling the mix of cat urine and cleaning fluid (one must breathe) – an appetite suppressant for sure – that I’ve lost one of the three pounds I recently found.
Am I a Bad Cat Mother?
However great a weight loss aide the cat is providing for me, I am left to wondering, “Am I a bad cat mother?” It must be my fault, as all children’s behaviors and ‘issues’ are their mother’s fault (my mother not withstanding).
So, I decided to do a bit of research on cat behavior to unearth all that I’ve done wrong and perhaps come up with a solution to one of my life’s most current glitches.
Our Lady of Weight Loss’s Top Nine Tips on How to be a Good Cat Mother and Create a Healthy 9 Lives for Your Cat (and YOU!)

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What’s Your Handicap?

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Handicap Me! excerpt from All Is Forgiven, Move On, the best permanent fat removal book ever written, by Janice Taylor, Beliefnet Blogger
Golf is a great leveler. It’s handicapping system enables beginners to compete with skilled players. A zero handicap is called a ‘scratch’ handicap, and a 20 handicap is called a ‘bogey.’ The handicap measures how well you’d stand up against a ‘scratch’ golfer.
Our Lady of Weight Loss is well aware that some of us have bigger challenges to overcome than others, so she had me design a formula for computing our weight loss handicaps, enabling us to compete with those with high metabolisms, those who forget to eat, and the gym bunnies of the world.
How to Calculate and Best Utilize the Our Lady of Weight Loss Handicap System

Note: Handicaps are earned. They are for professional ‘dieters’ ONLY. In order to receive a handicap, you will have had to have been on at least five diets in your lifetime. (I suspect that qualifies most of us.) 5 different diet plans that you followed for least 5 weeks long. This is not for the weak at heart. For those who are playin’ around with weight loss. This is hard core!

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F.A.T.T. Chats with Cool Cats: Joe Simmons on Singing for the Papal Mass in Yankee Stadium

F.A.T.T. (Fat-Free and Tantalizingly Tasty) Chats with Cool Cats from Janice Taylor, Beliefnet BloggerAs the world of God would mysteriously have it, a few weeks ago I was having a conversation with my ‘spiritual adviser,’ Kathryn. We were discussing how I grew up down the block from a convent and how powerful the images of Mary are to me. She suggested that when I later that day walked past St. Paul’s Church (it’s down the block from my present home), that I stop by and ask Mary what she wanted for me. I promised to do so, because I love Kathryn and cherish our conversations. (Truthfully, I knew I had a busy day and wasn’t entirely committed to it. But once I promise something, I do it.)Fast forward, later that day, as I was walking past the church, running quite late, I barely paused and said aloud, “I promised Kathryn I’d stop by and ask you what’s next … so let me know.” And then I literally ran to the subway to make up the time. When I got home that evening, I was surprised (silly me, I asked for it) to find an invitation under my door to my neighbor’s birthday party. We are friendly neighbors and clearly like each other, but we haven’t gone to the movies together, sat around and chewed the fat, been girlfriends. Happily, I accepted. (Yea, friends are wonderful.)Fast forward, the party. More happy news – many of the guests were members of Christine’s church choir. I was treated to an evening of interesting and meaningful conversation and song. Yes, the choir sang for Christine’s birthday. Amazing! And most incredibly of all, I met Joe Simmons, who had the honor of singing for the Pope at Yankee Stadium. One thing led to another … Here follows my interview with Joe. (I’m guessing I should stop by St. Paul’s again, and clearly the style of delivery doesn’t matter. A shout out brought me that much closer to my neighbor, Christine, and Joe Simmons, an extraordinary person and cantor!)Joe Simmons’ Thoughts on Singing for the Papal Mass in Yankee StadiumJT: One thing I know for sure is that the spirit lives in the song. It takes us to places we may not otherwise travel. What are your feelings about the spirit that lives in the song? Continue Reading This Post »

A Memorial Day Special ~ Guilt free vs. Gluttony. Your Choice!

Resist Temptation! Forego the burgers and fries …
Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner. Here are some guilt-free Righteous Recipes that will most definitely get you through this grillin’ holiday minus the guilt and gluttony.
Set your intention now to eat healthfully, take a walk, celebrate in style, not gluttony – one of the seven deadly sins! (more on gluttony coming tomorrow!)
Our Lady of Weight Loss Approved Guilt-Free Recipes for the Grill that Will Give You a Thrill!

4 Large Portobello Mushrooms
4 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
Rock or Kosher salt and pepper to taste
4 ounces low-fat mozzarella
4 large pieces roasted red pepper (You can roast yourself or if you go with the ready made stuff, pat it down with a paper towel.)
4 Whole wheat pitas or 8 slices of light bread
Greens (arugula, iceberg, whatever you like!)
One mushroom cap per sandwich.
Remove and discard mushroom stems.
Brush top of mushroom cap with a bit of extra-virgin olive oil.
(You really do not need to slather it on.)
Season with salt and pepper.
Lightly coat your grill with cooking spray.
Grill mushrooms, covered, for approximately 4 minutes; turn and grill another 3. Until tender.
Place flat side of mushroom up on the grill, top with a thin slice of low-fat mozzarella and a nice juicy piece of red pepper.
Cover and cook one minute more, until cheese is melted.
At same time, toss your roll, pita or light bread onto the grill until lightly toasted.
Now … put a layer of greens on the bread (or in the pita) top with a mushroom cap w. melted cheese and add a bit of low-fat mayo or pesto sauce.

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