Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Jigsaw Crazy: NUTS!

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I’m a Nut
(source: “The World’s Best Funny Songs”, Esther J. Nelson, 1988; this song is called “Acorn Brown” in “The Worm Song and Other Tasty Tunes, Janet Wilson, 1993.)
I’m a little acorn round (make circle with thumb and forefinger)
Lying on the cold cold ground (wave arm across front with palm facing down)
Somebody came and stepped on me (stomp foot)
That is why I’m cracked you see (zig zap motion with forefinger)
I’m a nut (clap clap), in a rut (clap clap), I’m crazy (circle finger around ear)
Called myself on the telephone (dial phone)
Just to see if I was home (pretend to answer phone: pinkie and thumb extended like phone)
Asked myself out for a date (point to self)
Gotta be ready by half past eight! (yell this lyric while shrugging shoulders with palms upwards like you’re excited)
I’m a nut (clap clap), in a rut (clap clap), I’m crazy (circle finger around ear)
Took myself to the picture show (walk with fingers)
Sat myself in the very first row (draw a line with finger)
Wrapped my arms around my waist (wrap arms around waist)
Got so fresh I slapped my face! (slap face)
I’m a nut (clap clap), in a rut (clap clap), I’m crazy (circle finger around ear)
Thanks very much to Carrie Kelley, who sent me this extra verse:
Grandpa’s beard is long and white!
Sleeps with it under the covers at night!
Grandma thinks it’s shredded wheat!
So she chews it in her sleep!
Thanks very much to Eva Gorny, who sent me this extra verse:
Took myself on a rowboat ride,
Me, myself, and I inside,
Looked into the stars above,
Told myself I was in love.
Spread the word (NOT the icing)!
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After You Fall Off the Diet Wagon…
Hey! Where did that 50 pounds come from?
Tough Love
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Manifest Destiny: Pray Love Live

Misha McGlown, author of Manifesting Things: Making Your Way When There Is No Way, shares her thoughts with Janice Taylor on how to free yourself from your self-imposed bondage and move into the light of love through prayer.

I prayed for twenty years and received no answer … until I prayed with my legs. ~ Frederick Douglass

Manifest Your Destiny through Prayer
Misha is an ordinary woman. She is not an expert, nor scholar, priestess, not even a guru … just an ordinary woman who pulled herself up and out and finally into the light.
“I was in bondage to my poor choices of yesterday. Yes, I ruined a perfectly good credit rating. Yes, I missed many opportunities. True, I was a procrastinator. I made lots of big messes for a lot of years.
“When calling upon God’s intervention, we tend to expect a problem to suddenly disappear. This is not likely to occur. The truth is, when we invite The Divine in we are inviting our own growth. And, growth is most often accompanied by growing pains.

“When we ask for change in any situation, we are yearning change in ourselves. Prayer is proactive. It’s about making the first move, then watching The Creative Forces come together on your behalf. You can’t ask God to help you lose weight with a Twinkie in hand. You have to meet a prayer halfway; take some part in bringing it to fruition.

How to Pray:
• Incorporate prayer into your daily life. Make it a habit!
• Immerse yourself fully in the moment. Send a half-hearted prayer and you will get a half-hearted response.
• Remember, prayers aren’t always answered in the ways in which we are expecting. Be open.
• Praying is proactive. Meet your prayer halfway.
• Give thanks for what you have.
• Give thanks in advance for what is to come!
“Prayer is a conviction, a thought, a vibration of sound carrying a petition or thought to the Creative Forces of the Universe. Anything that you dwell on, give voice and energy to, or move towards with strong intention, presents itself to The Universe as prayer.”

“Whatever we ask, believing, we shall receive” … Matthew 21:22

Spread the word, NOT the icing!

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July 4: Holiday Pig Out Special

ART PigCrossing.jpgWhat???? HUH? Is Janice Taylor, Weight Loss Guru, the voice of Our Lady of Weight Loss, 50-pound big-time-loser, Beliefnet health & happiness blogger extraordinaire telling us that it’s okay to pig out?
“You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness. You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism.”
~ Erma Bombeck

4th of July Food: PIG-OUT
OWN IT. You’ve been wrestling with, thinking about, and tasting the idea of NOT pigging out this 4th of July weekend. It’s been your focus all week long, has it not?
THINK ABOUT IT. You manifest what you focus on. In other words, by thinking about NOT pigging out, you are destined to pig-out.
WHAT TO DO. Give yourself permission to PIG OUT. One BBQ, one meal, one day … not even one pig-out weekend doth a fat-person make. I can pretty much guarantee that if you are not fighting the forces of evil, pushing the devil food away, you will at the end of the day find that you have eaten less than you would have if your mind held on to and kept repeating, “I am NOT going to pig out.”
WHAT NOT TO DO. Do NOT use this one weekend of indulgence as an excuse to fall off the wagon and take a 10-year detour! Do NOT beat up on thyself!
HOG WILD vs. PIGGING OUT. There’s a difference between pigging out and going hog wild. Pigging out has a playful, light, and fun quality to it. If you like, you can even wear something pink! Hog Wild, on the other hand, is NOT pretty. Hog Wild means you have gone weigh too far, into the dark side.
ALL IS FORGIVEN, MOVE ON! If you went past Pig Out straight into Full Tilt Hog Wild, forgive yourself and move on … move on … move on … NOW! Into your ‘lite.’
Spread the word, not the icing!

Summer Time Recipes
Leave Your Bun Behind
Burning Down the House
Listen in and Lighten up! Janice Taylor On the Radio
After You Fall Off the Diet Wagon…
Hey! Where did that 50 pounds come from?
Tough Love
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Willpower vs. Want-Power

ART want power.jpgThere is no such thing as willpower. If the cake calls your name, who amongst us has the willpower to just say, “no!?” We are more than likely than not to cave in and eat it! Want Power means that we want to lose weight enough to make sure that there’s no cake in the house – that we want to be thin enough to go that extra mile – to do what it takes!
Build Your Want Power Muscle from Beliefnet Blogger, Janice Taylor.
Do you know what you want?
Sometimes it is easier to know what we DON’T want rather than what we DO want. In order for you to build your want power muscle so that your want power is stronger than Popeye after a can of spinach, try this:
Before every shopping expedition, television show, meeting, phone call to family member; in other words, before every event or decision, ask yourself “What do I want?”
“What do I want?” Would you prefer to buy a black dress or a brown dress? Did you want to make low-fat pizza for dinner tonight or a mammoth chicken salad? Did you want to watch “Weeds” or “Big Love?” From the most mundane to the most serious of decisions, just pause and ask, “What do I want?”
Low-Wattage Light-Bulb Moments
I found this exercise extremely helpful. Almost every pause set off a low-wattage light-bulb moment. It became clear that I often went to movies that I did not want to go to in order to appease people who I really didn’t want to appease. I ate at restaurants and ordered food that I really did not want, because I did not want to annoy anyone. I stayed places way longer than necessary. Connecting to these ‘a-ha want’ moments shed some light on my under-developed want muscle.
As these little wants connected to bigger wants, my want muscle grew stronger. I was able to get in touch with my gut feelings – my emotional state as well as the physical sensations that connected to really wanting something. My decision making process became a lot more fluid and stronger, and I began to clearly see what I wanted (vs. what I did not want).
What do you want?
New Point of View: There is no such thing as willpower only want power!
Spread the word, not the icing!

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And pick up a copy of All Is Forgiven, Move On (builds want power muscles 101 ways)!

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