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EinsteinWant a Quick Fix?  Of course, you do!  Who doesn’t?  For Weight Loss?  Creativity?  A quick fix for any thing that you seemingly have to work hard to achieve?  Today, as in right now, I do have a quick fix to share with you followed by six steps to help you cement the “quick fix” in place.

The Quick Fix is this:  STOP seeing your weight as a food problem!    Permanent weight removal, weight loss, slimming down (call it what you like) is NOT just about the food.  It’s about your life, in its totality, all the pieces.  It’s about character, priorities.

Our Lady of Weight Loss encourages you to read through these six steps, with pen and paper nearby, and when done–quickly jot down 1 to 3 insights that float to the top!  And then, please, do share with us here (comments below) and/or in Our Lady of Weight Loss’s Club:  Kick in the Tush Club FB.  There’s power in sharing (for the giver and the receiver).

Here are the first six steps that one must take to permanently lose weight!

1.  Transformation Change Begins with AWARENESS.
Most of us tend to think about losing weight as an external change, period – end of report.  People seek to change the number of the scale, their dress size, they want to be healthier, fit, etc.  Their first order of business, however, should be to change the way they think.    Negative thinking leads to negative results.  One must first, become AWARE of their THINKING.

2.  HONESTY.   Honesty comes next.  As you become aware of your thinking and your actions (actions follow thoughts), complete honesty is needed.  People tend to make excuses, rationalize all the self-sabotaging things that they do.

3. WILLINGNESS.  Next you must be willing to make the changes that need to be made.   You must be willing to create a new healthy lifestyle.  And there are probably a number of changes that need to be made.  Are you willing to go the extra “change mile?”

4.  IMAGINATION.  You must use your imagination to see yourself at your end goal.  Every detail.

5.  ADVANCE GRATITUDE.  When your vision is clear, Thank the Universe in Advance as if it’s already happened.  This allows the vision, your new reality to take root in your unconscious mind.  Essential to sink in.  Deep – on a cellular level.

6. COMMITMENT. Commitment is the little engine that could.  Commitment is what comes next, because until you’ve made it through the 5 steps, until you’ve hit a wall, had a bad day, fallen off the wagon, you have not had an opportunity to truly experience commitment.   Commitment is what keeps you moving forward; it’s what gets us through tough times.  Commitment reaffirms willingness.  Sticking with something – making a serious commitment through THICK and THIN.

The quick fixes, the skipping meals, the exercise abuse – all of it – are ways to avoid the truth. And worse they help you to avoid an opportunity for personal growth.  There’s no real growth in a quick fix.  It’s empty; which is why you will inevitably fill up again (find the weight you’ve lost).

I hope that helps loosen up your thinking and your approach to permanent weight removal.  Once you ingest these six steps on a cellular level, the food part of losing weight is remarkably simpler and easier.

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Janice Taylor
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