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kick in the tush club 1:2 logoDearest Tushkateers, 

How are you all doing?  I’ve missed you terribly.  It’s been three weeks since I sent out a Fully-Loaded KICK newsletter!  We (as in OLofWL and I) were on vacation, and then I realized that it was Columbus Day weekend, and so I extended the vacation into a staycation here in Tucson.   Oh my…the soft air, the cacti, the coyotes and mountain lions!  Amaze Balls!

In addition to soaking in the beauty, I am deep into a Weight Loss Art Project that is taking up a lot of mental and physical space; a Weight Loss Art Project that I hope to not only reveal to y’all within the next few weeks, in time for the Tucson Open Artist Studio Tour (November 9/10), but also to ask for your participation!  Whether you live near or far, you can participate! 

For those in the Tucson area, you simply MUST stop by, PLEASE !  Say “Our Lady of Weight Loss sent me,” and receive a free hug! 🙂   I’m just busting at the seams to meet you!!!

So hang tight, Tushkateers, something amazing is coming your way!!!   Start getting excited to be a part of Weight Loss Art History!!!  (OLofWL is gracefully doing cartwheels in the corner!)

In the meantime, Our Lady of Weight Loss, in her infinite wisdom, instructed me to remind you that you do NOT have to accept delivery of your ancestor’s genes.  For real!  Return to sender!!!  Who’s fat is it, anyway?

Your Ancestor’s Fat Genes!

It is a w i d e l y held belief within my family of origin that all us women are ‘naturally fat.’

I get a giggle from that, don’t you?  So much energy expended on wishing to be ‘naturally thin,’ when the ‘naturally fat’ gene was implanted, like a computer chip, before I was born.

The Taylor ‘Fat Gene’ Theory has been passed down from generation to generation. It was seemingly predetermined. And, as a member of this illustrious group, I complied. As you know (or may not know), I was born fat – the only baby in the hospital nursery to gain weight.

So why would someone like me, or you, who has this deeply rooted belief about themselves, whether passed down from mother to daughter, or father to son, or mother to son, or father to daughter … generation after generation, or a relatively new self-imposed belief that you are ‘naturally fat,’ even try to lose weight? 

Because—it’s simply not true and you do not have to accept delivery of this preposterous story!!!

5 Steps: To Thin Genes
How to Refuse Delivery of the Family Fat Genes

1.  Take in a deep breath and let it go … on the exhale, see this negative belief float out the sides of you with the fall of your chest or stomach (note where your exhale is coming from), hear it gurgle, buzz, or even clink or clank its way from the inside to the outside, feel the possibilities and know that you now have a clear path to dream.

2.  Take stock of the various ideas, dreams and visions that are buried within. Be willing to invest in your dreams and yourself.

3.  Have faith in yourself. Trust your instincts.

4.  Question your beliefs that stand in your way of your ability to fully commit to yourself.

5.  Own your power; claim what’s yours!

Bravo!  You did it!!!  You let go of one heavy-duty falsely held belief system.  You go girl (and boy)!!!

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