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Need a KICK in the TUSH? Who doesn’t?! from Janice Taylor, Positarian

Enjoy life – there are no re-runs. – Shirl Lowery

Helloooo Dear, Sweet Tushkateers!!!   How are you on this spectacular summer day? I am Ok! Even better than that:  I am A-Okay!  I have had an amazing week, and it’s not that anything huge, big or special happened in the traditional sense of “this is special.”   You might even say that my week was quite ordinary.

I did, however, spend a great amount of time having FUN with ME.   In the early mornings, I walked my tush off.  Around the Harlem Meer a few times each and every morning, to the beat of Sly and the Family Stone.  When Dance to the Music came on, I couldn’t help but to break out!  And on a number of occasions, I locked myself in my office and played the ukulele!  Strumming with my favorite tunes on YouTube!  Like:  Walking After Midnight, Patsy Cline.  And more fun stuff with ME! 

It was during one of my Uke sessions that I realized that I was having fun with ME!  We (Me and Me) were so happy together.   In sync.   Not thinking about much at all.  Just BEING!  EnJOYing!  PLAYing!  Definitely NOT THINKing about all the things that I ‘Had To’ do.  I was just present with me!  I was doing the things that I love to do, that create a happy chemical reaction.  Endorphins flying!  So, today, I want to remind you that…


People tend to give up the things that give them pleasure when they are short on time.  (Sound familiar?)  As a result of the stress and the absence of pleasure, mood slips, depression sets in, and self-esteem erodes.  And for us foodies, we tend to eat more!  Ought oh!  The scales of injustice… (I’ll say no more!).

Without pleasure, without leisure time, it becomes more and more difficult to define yourself apart from your job or your paycheck.

Juliet Schor, Harvard economist, reported that factory workers in Britain were forced to give up their overtime due to the company’s economic woes.    What do you think happened?

With time on their hands, people got together with their friends and family and the meaning of life became clear. Their self-esteem began to rise; they found emotional balance.  They worried less and played more.  They felt better.

Adults need to learn, relearn and/or reinforce their ‘finding pleasure’ skills.

Pleasure: plezh-er – the state or feeling of being pleased; enjoyment or satisfaction derived from what is to one’s liking; gratification; delight. sensual gratification.  Are you traveling on business or for pleasure?

What gives you pleasure?  I’m not necessarily talking about BIG FUN.  I’m talking about the things in life that give you pleasure–from small to big.  

Remember to join with Tushkateers across the land on FACEBOOK/Kick in the Tush Club, where you can dish the dirt, chew the fat and laugh it up while you slim down! 🙂  And TALK ABOUT WHAT GIVES YOU PLEASURE!  SHARE 5 things (or more or less) that give you pleasure!  Get the endorphins going!

Five from ME and ME:
1.  Walking to the MUSIC!
2.  Playing the UKE!
3.  Arranging FLOWERS!
4.  PHOTOGRAPHing Whatever!
5.  FRIENDS…hanging out with, walking over the Brooklyn Bridge with friends!  (Did that this past weekend!  Lots of fun!!!)

AGAIN, HAVE FUN … Or Else ;-] !  Share your FUN, HAPPY, PLEASURE filled moments on FACEBOOK/Kick in the Tush Club!   Inspire others!   That’s FUN too!

Spread the word–NOT the icing!

Dictated but not read by OLWL.  Excuse all typos!

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