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Now is the time to make good use of time.
Today is the day to begin a perfect day. ~ Sri Chimnoy

Greetings Tushkateers!    How are YOU this fine day?

Over these past few weeks, my body, my mind and my soul, together, traveled from dry, sun-filled Tucson to the hard core city–New York–to the snow-covered mountains in Rowe, Massachusetts (to teach the Feed Your Soul workshop–HELLooooo to those who attended, YAY!  You were fabulous.  Thank you!!!   And to those who did not!  Perhaps, next time!!!) and back!

The workshop was AMAZING!  I happily and joyfully put all parts of me (mind, body and spirit) into my workshops (on-line or in-person), and when my work was done, I realized that I needed to regroup, reenergize, rejuvenate!  Not just my mind–but all parts of me; most especially my body.

Tapping into and hearing what my body wanted, needed; what my body had to say to “me,” was perhaps the most challenging.  In part, because my mind kept interrupting!  

So, yesterday, because it was the most (and I mean MOST) beautiful day ever in the history of spring, and because I had cleared a few hours from my afternoon calendar, I headed to the northern part of Central Park (the part less traveled); found myself a mammoth rock to sit on, to lie on, to meditate on.   I was there for hours!  Seriously!  I don’t know that I’ve ever settled down and stayed so long; especially on such a hard surface, but I did and here’s what my body shared with me.

First, I sat and asked, “Hello Body,  What do I need to know about YOU so that WE can walk together in harmony?”  And here’s what the Body transmitted to me!

10 Vital BODY Learnings

1.  Our bodies are incredibly wise.

2.  Our bodies are reaching out, communicating, “talking” to us, constantly.

3.  Our bodies deserve to be treated with loving-kindness; to feel vital, to have energy—happy, enthusiastic, joy-filled energy.

4.  The food that you put into your body fuels your body’s innate wisdom.

5.  As you take care of your body, your body’s innate wisdom kicks into high gear and sets out to heal and balance itself.

6.  When your body let’s you know that it is tired, ask your body, “What do you—body—need to rejuvenate yourself?”  When you can’t sleep, when you are tossing and turning, ask your body, “Body, what do you need for me to do to allow you to drop into a peaceful sleep?”  Often, writing your concerns on paper; emptying your mind and heart can help you move away from the heaviness into the light! … and so forth.

7. Remember, your body is the vessel that houses you and it is the mind’s job, the heart’s job, the spirit’s job to nurture and support your body the best that you possibly can in each and every moment.  The operative word here is “best.”  Not always perfect; but best.

8.  Should you be having difficulty hearing your body, you might find it useful to slow down.  S-L-O-W down.  Be patient with your mind, as it may spin you away from your body.  Trust in S-L-O-W!

9.  Try this!  Put your left hand on your heart (that’s right LEFT); right hand on your belly.  Breath into your belly and feel your right hand rising; exhale though your mouth with an audible —“Haaaaaa” or “Ahhhhh” or “Ommmmm.”  Feel the vibration in your heart!

10.  Be amazed!

7 STEP “Listening to the Body” TECHNIQUE:

1.  Make LISTENING to your body a priority.  Take in a deep breath through your nose; exhale through your mouth with a loud  sound—“Haaaaaa” or “Ahhhhh” or “Ommmmm”—let it all out.    In this moment, you are in touch with you body.

2.  Notice the space that is now present; a space that you have allowed through your breath.    Take in another deep cleansing breath through your nose, again exhaling with an audible “Haaaaa,” “Ahhhh,” or “Ommmm” though the mouth.

3.  In that space, appreciate your bodyBe grateful for all that it does.  You may have heard these words before; they may have lost their meaning (as often used words do–as clichés often do).  Nevertheless, appreciate your body.

4.  Just BE with your body.  You need not “think” or even say “thank you” aloud or in your mind’s eye.  Know that the very breath in it of itself is a thank you.

5.  As you are able to “hear” your body, honor its message, support the message.

6.  If you are not hearing your body, or you find that you are doubtful of your body’s message, that’s okay too.  As you practice this “Connecting with Your Body” technique/ritual, you will undoubtedly quiet down and connect.

7.  Share your experience.  As you connect with your body, as you practice this ritual, you can share it with others, and know that somewhere along the Path of Sharing, as this important information ripples out, somewhere, someone is taking it in on a useful if not cellular level.  You are making a difference!  Send an HTML version of this message to a friend.

Let me know, please, how that works for you!!!  What are your experiences!  Either write directly to me (put BODY in the subject line) or post a comment on our Facebook/Kick in the Tush Club page.   This way, you can communicate with each other, and who knows what you might say that will ripple out and touch someone’s heart, soul, mind and/or body!!!

For more joy-filled living, body appreciation and sheer fun, visit our Facebook/Kick in the Tush Club chapter!

We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake. ~ Marie B. Ray

Spread the word–NOT the icing!




PS:  Dictated but not read by OLWL.  Excuse all typos!


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