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A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at. ~ Bruce Lee

Greetings CowGirls and Tushakteers!    Yes, I am still in Tucson (another two weeks of cactus bliss), writing to you in Happy Chirping Bird mode. 

I woke up late this morning (after 8 a.m. Tucson time/11 a.m. Eastern time–OMG, can you imagine?)!  Waking up to the sounds of the birds chirping is an amazing gift from the _____  (God(s), the Universe…fill in the blank in whatever resonates best for you).

In my half sleepy, blissed bird state, while still tuned into the chirping, I silently repeated ten affirmations (see below), with the intention of creating a very “present” day, as in being fully awake in the moment, in the now, truly taking in and appreciating each beautiful second, one at a time. 

At the same time, I “get” Bruce Lee’s above quote.  My goal may be to stay in the present moment, fully awake to the beauty, the miracles, the abundance that so clearly exists, but life is bound to come along and toss a twig or even a boulder in front of me and/or my mind is likely to hijack my “now,” and drag me into some mental drama.  So…I am going to aim for “total bliss,” and be thrilled with whatever happiness floats to the surface! 

Chew on that while you read through and either utilize these fabulous affirmations to start your day, or tweak them for a better “you” fit, or write your own! 

10 Morning Affirmations: Create a Day Overflowing with Love, Happiness and Positive Energy

1.  Today is a new day and each new day presents a fresh start.

2.  Each new day offers a new beginning overflowing with possibility and opportunity.

3.  Today, I greet the day with fresh eyes and new ideas.

4.  Today, there is no past, there is no future; there is only this moment.

5.  In this Now, I give myself permission to release toxicity from every level of my energy field.

6. Abundance flows through my day; an abundance of love, happiness and positive energy.

7.  This abundance, this positive energy allows me to step into my day, into my work, into my mission, into every word and action—moment to moment.

8.  I am focused, excited, energized and determined.

9.  I am creative.

10.  I am grateful, fully appreciating all the love in my life – the abundance. 

Happy Day!  Please feel free to share your morning moments and goals for the day!  What do you think of Bruce Lee’s quote?

For more positivity and group happiness, go to the Facebook/Kick in the Tush Club chapter, where you’ll find a link to this fully loaded Kick–and leave comment(s) there!  Okay? Okay!!!  

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Spread the word–NOT the icing!

PS:  Dictated but not read by OLWL.  Excuse all typos!

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