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“The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.” ~ W.M. Lewis

Hello Tushkateers!  

Before we move into this week’s KITT Club e-letter, allow me first to share a heartfelt “thank you” with all who sent sympathy emails and FB posts, to those who viewed Harriet’s videos with delight, to those who thought kind and warm thoughts of me, of us, with regard to my mother’s passing.  All communications were felt and greatly appreciated. 

So many of us, boomers primarily, have lost our parents.  We do our best to honor the positive seeds that our parents, our grandparents; the positive seeds that every generation of our ancestors have shared with us.  We share, we heal, we live on and we do our best to pass on seeds of happiness and love to our loved ones, friends and family alike. 

Which, brings me to this week’s Kick in the Tush Club (KITT Club) KICK!  2013: The Year of the Upward Spiral, Radical Acceptance, Extreme Happiness–and more; posing the question, “Is Weight Loss what you’re really wanting?”  “Is weight loss the ultimate goal?”


As we make our weigh (oops, Freudian slip) out of January, THE month of resolutions, I wonder, “How are your resolutions workin’ for you?”

According to University of Scranton Professor of Psychology, John Norcross, about 75% of people who make resolutions are successful for a couple of weeks.  However, by the time February 1 rolls around, the number drops to 50%. 

We start the year with the best of intentions, but the days melt (or freeze as is the case for some of us) one day into the next, and before we know it, we find ourselves well into February not having fully followed though on the promises that we made to ourselves.

We are left disappointed, filled with remorse, feeling defeated once again.

Maybe February is a better, calmer and more balanced time to assess your life and set realistic goals.  Maybe you could “reframe” your January goals as “warm-up resolutions.”  Maybe, just maybe, you could let go of the “weight loss” goal and strive for something beyond weight loss, something more important than weight loss.

Do not make “weight loss” the goal.  Try on any one or more of these and see which suits you best.

2013 is the Year of:

  1. The Upward Spiral
  2. Authentic Luminosity
  3. Extreme Happiness
  4. Radical Acceptance
  5. Unconditional (self) Love
  6. Grace and Gratitude

Honestly, that is how I permanently removed over 50 pounds a dozen years ago.  I lived from a place that incorporated all six of the above.  I created a better; a more satisfying life, which created a space that allowed me to let go of my addicition to food.  To be clear, weight loss was never the over-arching goal.  I simply wanted to feel good about me, to be happy, to feel fulfilled, to lead the life that I wanted for myself.

Your first step to getting your upward spiral in motion, your first step to feeling extreme happiness is just to reflect and imagine what those six “suits” look like and imagine yourself stepping into them. 

  1. Step into Authentic Luminosity. 
  2. Try on Extreme Happiness. 
  3. Suit up Radical Acceptance.
  4. Strap on your Upward Spiral jet pack
  5. Gear up for Grace and Gratitude
  6. Dress up for Unconditional (self) Love

In order to help you to clear your mind and create a space for “imagining,” here is a link to a 4:06 minute audio hypno-meditation entitled:   “2013: The Year of Radical Acceptance, Extreme Happiness, Luminous Authenticity.”  

Listen, imagine and as soon as the audio is finished take pen to paper and write one page of stream of consciousness.  Do not edit yourself, just write and see what surfaces.  Share!

Please do consider joining with OLWL and me the weekend of March 29-31 at Rowe Camp and Conference Center, in Rowe, Massachusetts (the Berkshire Mountains; unbelievably, stunningly beautiful) for what is sure to be a mind changing, life changing, enlivening experience. 


Scroll down for the rest of this week’s scintillating Kick in the Tush, complete with quotes on ADVENTURE.  Another key word for 2013.  Let’s make this year an adventure!

PS:  Dictated but not read by OLWL.  Excuse all typos!

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