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Never use violence of any kind. Never threaten violence in any way. Never even think violent thoughts. Never argue because it attacks another’s opinion. Never criticize because it attacks another’s ego. And your success is guaranteed. ~ Mohandas Gandhi

Howdy Tushkateers!   How are you on this fine October morning?  Are you like totally freaked that we are into October and Halloween is right around the corner, soon followed by Thanksgiving, Christmas and Holy Goodness Gracious Me, it’s nearly 2013?  I guess I am getting ahead of myself, aren’t I???

We do that, don’t we?  Get ahead of ourself.  Move into ‘overwhelm.’  Quickly followed by a meltdown.

This week, as some of you who tap into my Facebook page know, I picked me up a very cool Ukulele and had me a lesson!  First ever.  I am not a musician.  I cannot read notes.  I cannot sing.  (So many cannots … wow!)  It was divine intervention for sure.

Out of pretty much nowhere, I stumbled across a meetup notice for Ukulele players, which captured my imagination.   I love when something captures my imagination.  It’s a great phrase, which captures!  No?  Anyway, I was captured, captivated, and convinced … and off I went.  

The lesson went well.  I was psyched, AND (not But, working on removing Buts somehow making my Butt smaller) when I got home and tried it on my own, I was kind of lost, and a string of ‘violent thoughts’  directed at self flooded my mind. (see Gandhi quote above)

Remembering and following my own sage coaching that I have planted on more than one client and in these pages, I reflected on the truth that “Thoughts Are Merely Suggestions” and that just because “I Had a Thought Doesn’t Mean It Was a Good One!” 

I took in a deep cleansing breath, and repeated to myself, my mantra, a Muriel Rukeyser quote that I absolutely adore:  Breathe In Experience, Breathe Out Poetry.  And again, another cleansing breath … and then I meditated on First Steps

Like the first day of school … back in the day, in the beginning, when I had to learn the alphabet.  It seemed like in insurmountable task.  Or, how about when I learned to walk.   You think I was born knowing how to walk? 

Were you?   How many times did you fall down?  Did you get ahead of yourself?  Go into overwhelm?  Have a meltdown?   No … you simply got up and tried again.

Fall down 7 times, get up 8 times. ~ Zen Proverb

I cleared my mind.  I let the self-deprecating thoughts float by, allowing them to just be … thoughts, and I focused on one chord at a time, one arching finger at a time.  After all and especially, learning the Ukulele is really just for me.  I am not planning on being a concert Ukulele player.  I am not having fantasies that the Philarmonic is going to knock on my door and beg me to join with, nor do I think I’ll be the next Tiny Tim.  No … not the plan.  Just for me.  Just for the fun of it; just to learn something new that has little if not nothing to do with my work. (Although, I see now that there are many life lessons here … oh NO! A book?  Life Lessons from My Tenor Ukulele ???) 

Ought oh, there I go again, getting ahead of myself!  See how easy it is to go blasting off into outer overwhelm???

This morning I received an email from Bernie, Hawaii.  I had the honor of coaching Bernie some few years ago, and she attended one of my workshops.   Bernie took it one step at a time … literally.  She’s been shaking her bootie, Ballroom Style, and she has permanently removed more pounds than I can remember (I’ve lost track, but I’m sure she has not!) Read on and get inspired!


Aloha Janice,  You know I will always be in touch! …. I competed in Hawaii Star Ball on Sept 28th; a judged competition, I did 8 dances; got 4 first place, 2 second, 1 third, and got disqualified from one for doing a “flick”  too advanced for my newcomer status.  So happy with the experience and challenge.  Just wanted to share, one off my bucket list!  Keep doing what you do!  Happiness from Hawaii, Bernie 🙂

Dear Happiness from Hawaii ~  So very happy to hear from you!  You are a star in so many ways; on so many levels.  A success story if ever there was one!  Congratulations on putting one foot in front of the other (with grace and rhythm) and for taking it one step at a time!  Keep on doing what YOU are doing!!!  Love, happiness and gratitude from the mainland ~ Janice (the Voice of OLofWL)


SURELY TUSHKATEERS !!!  Bernie was not born knowing how to Ballroom Dance.  I was not born a Ukulele player.  HEALTHY LIVING is the same.  It feels overwhelming at times.  A foreign entity, maybe?  Nevertheless, well worth the journey, well worth the results, well worth loving yourself!  One small step at a time!  One chord at a time!  One carrot at a time!  Yes?  Are you with us?

What Small Step Will YOU Take Today?  Remember:  Healthy LIVING is about LIVING.  It’s not just about eating vegetables.  That’s a good idea, though.  Really.  Again, What Small Step Will YOU Take Today?  Write us!  “Small Steps” in subject line.

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