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“Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” – Life’s Little Instruction Book, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Hello, Bonjour, Buenas Dias, Shalom, Tungjatjeta … TUSHKATEERS!!!

How are you on this most amazing of mornings (afternoons, evenings – respectively)? I am peachy keen … still in Tucson; soaking in as much of the sunny, happy cottontail vibes as possible.  Yes, that’s right!  There are cottontail rabbits hoppin’ about, as well as king snakes, lizards, coyotes, bob cats, and birds galore.  A roadrunner was tappin’ on my front window the other morning!   Can you imagine???  Nature everywhere!  This CityGrrl is in serious awe!

It is an extreme pleasure to work while here.  Yes! I can and do sit in the back courtyard reading, writing and answering emails from y’all!  Here’s one from ‘BD’ that I am sure many of us can relate to!


Hi Janice (a.k.a. OLofWL),  I am Type II diabetic and overweight. I now weigh 187 lbs.  I can’t stick to any diet. I cannot stay motivated. Please help me because I am beginning to mentally feel real bad. ~ BD

Dear BD ~  Many thanks for your email.  It takes courage to reach out and seek support.  It takes courage to tell your truth.  So … with your permission, if I may, I’d like to share a few ‘hard core’ permanent weight loss points of lite that CAN help YOU to change your mind, which will lead to change your weight!  In other words, it starts and ends in the mind!!!

# 1:  Self-Talk: Change Your Language!
It’s not that you “can’t stick to any diet.”  It’s that you either “don’t know how to stick to a diet” – or you “don’t want to stick to a diet” – or you “haven’t fully explored the possibilities of healthy living” … but it’s not that you cannot.  You can!!!

#2: Motivate Daily!
I think motivation is one of those things that people have across the board gotten ‘wrong.’  We don’t magically stay motivated, just as we don’t magically stay clean.  You shower daily, no???  We re-motivate, recommit to living, recommit to showing up fully, recommit to focusing on our health every day, sometimes a few times throughout the day!   It’s a conscious effort.  Not feeling motivated?  Well, then, look yourself in the mirror, give yourself a kick in the tush and say, “I CAN!!!”

#3: Mental Shift!
Certainly, by reading the above two points of permanent weight loss, your mental map has started to shift.  Right now write down one or two big or small insights that are surfacing. How might you approach ‘permanent weight removal’ from a new perspective?  Seriously, write them down, lest your insights evaporate into the ethers and you forget.  We think we will remember, but more oft than not, we forget.  Note your insights!

#4:  Diabetes!
It’s a serious disease that can often be managed by diet and exercise.  I know people – friends, family and tushkateers alike who are either diabetic or prediabetic and still – they are not taking ‘diabetes’ seriously.  I get that ‘health’ is often an abstract thing and my mind/your mind doesn’t want to wrap itself around it, but – again – diabetes has serious effects on your body.  If you have it and are ignoring it, then may I ask … what are you waiting for – to compromise your eyesight with glaucoma, cataracts? Gum disease? Skin problems? Slow healing? and more!

#5:  Food!
What’s your plan? Yes, I’m talkin’ about your food plan!  You need a ‘real’ plan and by that I mean a conscious plan that includes many healthy foods, has limits, structure and is specific.  In other words, “I’ll eat healthy” won’t cut it!   It is my opinion that the more plant-based the plan, the better.  The less processed, the better.  Real food is always a good idea!  Food plan, anyone?

#6.  Mentally Bad?
The reason we feel mentally bad about ourselves is because we are short-changing ourselves.  We are ‘betraying’ ourselves.  We are not living our best or even our better lives!  If you are beginning to feel badly about yourself or have been feeling badly for awhile, then take it as a ‘soul sign.’  Your soul is talking to you, it is yelling out and letting you know that you can do better for you! What is your soul telling you?

Speaking of “Soul Signs,” Do sign up for my workshop entitled “Feed Your Soul, Change Your Weight / Sep 16 – 19, 2012.”  Scroll down for more info!!!

#7.  Mental Shift Number TWO!
If you didn’t have any insights from the first two points of lite, then you must be experiencing a full kernels of weight loss wisdom a poppin’ by now!   Note your insights!  What resonates?  What are your next steps?

I hope that helps BD and y’all who keep saying that ‘you cannot’ lose weight.  Of course, YOU CAN!  Seriously, Tushkateers, If I CAN, YOU CAN!!!  ~ Janice (on behalf of OLofWL)


Feel free to WRITE to  Our Lady of Weight Loss.  Tell her what’s on your mind!!!  Got any advice you’d like to share?  Looking for advice?  We’re serving platters full of the stuff, to be sure!  AND YOU be sure to put “Chewing the Fat” in the subject line, lest your email gets lost in the sauce! 


AND NOW … this week’s KITT CLUB e-newsletter, which is OMG Delish!  The Dysfunctional Chef recipe is to die for!  We had a few friends over and served it up.  It was AMAZING!  I can cook!!!   In addition, you’ll find links to this week’s PLAY JIGSAW and LOSE, FEED YOUR SOUL TIPS 51-60 (out of 200) and more!!!!


Remember – both OLofWL and I seriously love hearing from you!  If you are interested in my coaching services, then scroll down, read on – and contact me for a free consult.  It is my pleasure to meet Tushkateers across the land!  Be sure to  Write “CONSULT” in the subject line!  And – AGAIN!!! – consider signing up for my workshop Feed Your Soul: Change Your Life (your body, your mind, your pocketbook, your outlook, your thoughts, your being … your everything 🙂  YOU WON’T BE SORRY!!! TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH AND GO FOR IT!!!

Have a spectacular week!

Spread the Happy Cottontail word … NOT the icing!

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Our Lady of Weight Loss, the patron saint of permanent fat removal

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