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Kick in the Tush Club TUESDAY: Janice Taylor, Life & Wellness Coach, Hypnotherapist, Author, Weight Loss /Self-Help Artist

Greetings Tushkateers!!!

How are y’all doing?  I’m feeling pretty, pretty good (a la Larry David / Curb Your Enthusiasm).   I woke up this morning (a good start, wouldn’t you say?), and as I made my foggy way into the kitchen to start the coffee pot a-goin’, for reasons unbeknownst to me, I stopped and took it all in.  I looked – I saw – I was present!  Yes, a spontaneous moment of mindfulness or awareness if you like, which frankly does not happen often.  Most of the time, I am (we are) mindlessly moving through our day, lost in thought about the past or the future; hardly present.

But this morning, I was fully present, if only for a split second, and the magnificence of the grey sky just outside my window took me by surprise. Yes, GREY!  And true, if you were to ask me “What is your favorite color,” grey would not be the answer!

I took this as a sign from the Grey Gods and Our Lady of Weight Loss (after all, she is the ONE who guides me most often) and thus, investigated the healing properties of grey.  And here is what I found!

Grey, a neutral and generally non-expressive color, has the power to neutralize negative influences, erasing or cancelling situations that which have stalemates. 

WEIGHT LOSS “ART” PROJECT:   Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to join with me, as I take out a grey writing instrument (crayon perhaps, or paint – I am not sure which quite yet) and literally make note of the negative influences in my life, thus cancelling them / erasing them / removing them!  I trust that you can see how the negative influences in your life can, have or will ‘weigh you down.’

Permanent Fat Removal a.k.a. the Dropping of the Pounds, Slimming, Weight Loss (call it what you will) is NOT about the FOOD; it is about YOUR LIFE!!!  Remove the Negative Influences in Your LIFE!!!! TODAY!!! and see what happens.  Feel free to email me your ‘weight loss art.’ Write: Weight Loss Art in the subject line. Send Art: in JPG format (not too large, please)!


Chewing the FAT:   I’d also like to share an email I received from Laura S!

Dear OLofWL ~  …..  Today I went for my daily lunch-break walk to visit my husband at work. They happened to be celebrating a birthday in the studio, and there sat a plate of Fun-Da-Middle’s cupcakes! I could not resist, I could only hope that my walk would offset this yummy treat a little. As I left to walk back to work, I checked the mail. Lo and behold there was my brand-new OLofWL “All Is Forgiven, Move On” bracelet- reminding me that I was forgiven!! Thank you for your support, I promise to spread the word!!! ~ Laura S.

Dear Laura S. ~  First, let me say YES to OLofWL’s mantra:  All Is Forgiven, Move On!  These words are extraordinarily powerful, because we all have momentary lapses in ‘memory’ and forget that our goal is to not only lose weight but to create a new, healthy lifestyle.  Therefore, forgiveness, moving on – essentially getting back to our healthy living plan – is what will make all the difference.

The other part of permanent weight loss of paramount importance is our mindset, the way we think, our belief systems, which is why your words, “I could not resist, I could only hope,” hit me like a ton of weight loss bricks!   It would make me happy if you were to restate ‘it.’  How about … “With awareness, I chose to have a cupcake.  I mindfully ate the cupcake, enjoying every morsel, savoring the flavor.  I made it apart of my day, counted the calories (or points or whatever it is that you count).”

Do not, dear Laura, disempower yourself by saying that you COULD NOT!  There is nothing that you CAN NOT do!  You can make a choice.  You can ‘own’ your decisions!  You can make an occasional cupcake a part of your healthy living plan.  Awareness, empowerment, truth = permanent weight removal!!!   Thank YOU, Laura!!! For writing in and allowing me to share your email with our Tushkateer Community!!! ~ OLofWL

As for the AIF, MO bracelets:   I need to tell y’all that I have very few left and I am not planning on reordering them.  I am in the process of designing new postcards, etc., just for the sheer thrill of it!  So … if you are thinking about bracelets, order NOW! Before they are gone, gone, gone!!! 🙂


Both OLofWL and I seriously love hearing from you!  And if you are interested in my coaching services, then scroll down, read on – and contact me for a free consult.  It is my pleasure to meet Tushkateers across the land!  Be sure to  Write “CONSULT” in the subject line!  And – AGAIN!!! – consider signing up for my workshop Feed Your Soul: Change Your Life (your body, your mind, your pocketbook, your outlook, your thoughts, your being … your everything 🙂  YOU WON’T BE SORRY!!! TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH AND GO FOR IT!!!

Spread the word … NOT the icing!


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BLUE because it is an amazingly POWERFUL color with HEALING properties!  AND … BLUE is known to suppress appetite!!!

Just a few left, so ORDER now before they are gone, gone, gone!

Thank you!

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