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Be My Valentine ~ Janice Taylor, Self-Help Artist

Greetings Tushkateers … and a very Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU!

As I am sure you are well aware, today is Valentine’s Day.  How exciting for both Our Lady of Weight Loss and me to celebrate the day with you!   We send you ‘cutie pies’ platters full of hugs, kisses and love, love, love!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day …Did you know that the origins of Valentine’s Day are a tad murky and mysterious?  True enough!  We know that February has long been celebrated as the month of romance, and that St. Valentine’s Day contains bits and pieces of both Christian and ancient Roman traditions.  BUT … did you know that Valentine’s Day is also believed to have a connection to the pagan celebration of Lupercalia, the fertility festival?

It is said that members of the Luperci, an order of Roman priests, gathered at a sacred cave where the infants Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, were believed to have been cared for by a ‘she-wolf’ or ‘lupa.’  Sacrifices and rituals took place and bottom line – it was believed that the women who took part would be more fertile in the coming year.   Later in the day, these same (young, presumably) women, placed their names in a rather large urn and the city’s bachelors chose a name and paired off.  These pairings often ending in marriage.  (That would be a funny spin for the TV show, The Bachelor, no??? A goat sacrifice or two?)

Whatever meaning you ascribe to St. Valentine’s Day, both Our Lady of Weight Loss and I hope you have a most splendido day and invite you to Be Our Valentine, because You Are a Cutie Pie and we LOVE You and we appreciate you!!!


Further last week’s KITT Club e-newsletter, STOP Trying to Be So Damned Positive,” I’d like to thank those who sent in emails of their “truth.”  Here is a sampling of what was received!

When I had breast cancer I was scared, angry, miffed, frightened, desperate, ticked off and tired! I was especially tired of people telling me that having cancer would make me more grateful for my life. I was already grateful, but not while I went through treatment while working and parenting two young children! ~ A.

I SUCK!  I’m so stuck it’s not even funny!  Carrying an extra 50 lbs AGAIN and can’t bear to start all over AGAIN, only to fail AGAIN!  Despite all the books, on-line stuff, gym membership, etc. etc.  I am still SUCK!  Not one ounce of positiveness there – no sirree! ~ L.

I am …. Not great, but good.  No career, but a job I like which pays the bills.  Good kids.  Good husband – not perfect, sometimes a trial, but good. Good health.  When you consider the larger picture, good is more than okay.  It’s a workable to way to live in between flashes of great! ~ L.

Truth – I’m good.   ….  I had a BIG revelation a few days ago …. exactly what you said in today’s e-mail – all we have is right now.   Yesterday is gone and there is no DO OVER but there is DO BETTER.   This is my mantra now.   ~ M.

I am doing fair to middling.  …. And you are right.  You can only be where you are.  I have been having Encounters with Chocolate, (two other times chocolate was the villain/the drug that took me down).  Remember the story about a person going down a road and falling in a hole?  This time I took a step down the road and turned around. I will not give up my power.  I have choices…. Freedom from compulsion and a healthy life. ~ D

For the skinny on what was discussed last week, go to:  STOP TRYING to be So Damned Positive!!!

And then feel free to loosen that which binds you, because those who wrote me most definitely indicated that telling their truth, loosening that which binds them – helped them to move from entirely 1,000% stuck in the mud, maybe even sinking in quicksand, to feeling ‘better.’  Somewhat better, and somewhat hopeful that they are on their way out of mud, moving into life!

Send your truth to: How am I??? the Truth??? Please – if you’d like me to respond – keep your ‘truth’ to a maximum 2/3 sentences.  (I tend to put long emails aside to read later, when I have more time, and ought ohhhhh … too much time passes.)

And …  for schizzelmetimbers (I made that up – feel free to use it and quote me as the person who coined the phrase – For schizzlemetimbers), please feel free comment below!!!  And for more inspiration, motivation, schizzlemetimbers weight loss and wellness wisdom, sign up for the Kick in the Tush Club (OLofWL’s weekly e-newsy-letter!).

We seriously love, love, love hearing from you!!!

Spread the word … NOT the icing,


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