Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Kick in the Tush Tuesday – Want Power vs. Will Power?

Greetings Tushkateers (members of the Kick in the Tush Club),

It’s Kick in the Tush Club Tuesday!  Are you ready for your Kick?  Something that will inspire, motivate and leave a bit of a sting to remember me by?

Well, here goes!  Listen up and lighten up.  Some ‘heavy’ duty advice on the way!

During a conversation with one of my star clients (you are all stars :), C.W., the topic “September Resolutions” surfaced. We agreed that September is a time of renewal, a time to think about what we really want (authentic wants), and we further agreed that September is quite possibly a more powerful time to rewire, reinvent, refresh, renew – redo – than January.

C.W. mentioned something that she’d read in the book “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach, “It seems to me that January resolutions are about will; September resolutions are about authentic wants.  What do you want more or less of in your life, so that you an love the life you’re leading?”  Later Sarah B.B. writes, “The beauty of autumnal resolutions is that no one else knows we’re making them.  Autumnal resolutions don’t require horns, confetti, and champagne.  September resolutions ask only that we be open to positive change.”

The timing of this conversation was remarkable, considering the fact that I’d just finished this week’s Want Power weight loss art (see above), declaring Want Power the topic of the week!  (per Our Lady of Weight Loss’s guidance – well, more like insistence.  You know how she is!)

Want Power is one of the fundamentals of permanent weight removal.
I do agree with and appreciate Sarah Ban Breathnack’s words of wisdom, and I’d like to add this to the equation: if you think that Will Power is needed to lose weight, then you are barking down the wrong Power Path!

Want Power is needed . Passion is essential.  Knowing what you WANT ignites PASSION; and passion is what fuels change.  Without passion – staying on the Road to Sveltesville – is near impossible.  Without Want Power you will fizzle out, dear Tushkateer.

I don’t want that to happen!   I do not want you to fizzle out!  I want you to succeed.  I want you to manifest any and all things that you truly want!  Which is why, the next 21 Day Cure is entitled:

Radical Weight Loss:  Transformation through Want Power
This CURE begins on Tuesday, September 20 and for 21 consecutive days, we will focus on what we really, really want.  More information coming, but for those of you who want to take a leap of faith or who have been participated in past 21 Day Cures, you can sign up now!

Finally, a huge thank you for your support during “Hurricane Harriet.”  Your prayers, thoughts and emails were much appreciated and carried all of us into the ‘lite’ … sunlight! :)

Spread the word … NOT the icing!

Janice Taylor (dictated by Our Lady of Weight Loss – but not read)
wise * fun * utterly useful

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