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“In this day and age, people’s lives are filled with so much stress and activities,” says Kathleen Thurston, a Buddhist meditation instruction and Feng Shui consultant …. “that we actually think that multi-tasking is an asset. Yet it is just another way of creating distractions for ourselves.  Doing so many things at once makes it difficult to focus.”

Mental Clutter

When the mind is filled with distracting thoughts, we feel overwhelmed;

don’t we? This is ‘mental clutter.’ Slowing down and focusing on the task

at hand, be it chopping carrots, being fully present and listening to another

person talk, or writing the great American novel, is a key component to

putting our lives in order.


When we move too fast, a few things happen. First, we block our ability

for new information to enter and be processed. In other words, we block

our ability to learn. Secondly, we miss the nuances, the beauty and the

platters full of ‘transformational moments’ that life is offering to us.


Imagine, if you will, that you are racing through a garden. Zoom, zoom.

Pretty flowers, sunny day … yeah, yeah, but what about my laundry list of

things I need to do. And there you have it – you missed the nuances of

nature. You missed an opportunity to take in a deep breath and connect

with your soul. You missed an opportunity to feed your soul.


As you slow down and ‘give’ attention (more generous and loving than

paying attention, don’t you think?) to one thing at a time, you will not only

calm down but the tsunami of thoughts that are crashing through and

washing over brain will settle down to a slow ripple.


The less distracted we are (a.k.a. more present), the happier we become,

the wiser we become. The more apt we are to making better choices.

This brings us full circle to making healthier choices on all levels, in all

areas of life, as well as creating ample opportunity to further feed our


Spread the word … NOT the icing!


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