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Before I share with you my secret to losing weight while the Idols sing, let’s have a brief discussion about the show itself!  The finale.  The tour de force, the show of all shows, featuring some of the most amazing idols ever; and, I’m not talking about James Durbin, Casey Abrams, Pia, Haley or Scotty McCreery or even Lauren Alaina.

I’m talking about Sir Tom Jones (71 years-young) and Tony Bennett (85 years-young).   American Idol brilliantly speaks to all generations.   Each and every performance AHhhhhhh-maze-ing!

Last night’s show blended, mixed and fused 8 generations of music, making it clear that good music is timeless as are those who perform it.

Big cheers for all the winners last night, for there were many, including the show itself.

And now … for the weight loss tip of all weight loss tips.

Make your TV room a No Food Zone. Simple enough! Calculate how many calories are ingested in front of your television.   I’m willing to bet, over the course of the week, at least 1/2 pound’s worth!!!

Now declare the space a “No Food Zone” and mean it!!!

Spread the word … NOT the icing!


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