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Every two or three months, I ‘spring clean’ my office. I have a system, which is to say that I start in one corner of the room and make may way around, clockwise. I dump, dust, and organize cheerfully and happily. I sometimes whistle “Whistle While You Work,” from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. And then, once all is cleared, sorted and the energy in the room is joyful, I end my de-clutter event with my infamous “windowsill ritual.”
The Windowsill Ritual
While I promise you that – in between my de-clutter spring cleanings – I do my absolute best to keep the windowsill devoid of papers and other sundry items (with the exception of my Ganesha statue), things seem to creep up onto it over time. I purposely remove all items, put them away; wash the windowsill, and Windex the windows squeaky clean.
Then, I invite the Universe in, “Dear Universe,” I say aloud, “I invite you in and trust that you will deliver something that is positive and much needed. Thank you.” I am left with not only a clean room, but with a sense of gleeful anticipation. What will the Universe deliver? (Sometimes I bust out into song, “The Wells Fargo Wagon Is A Comin” from the Music Man, starring little Ronnie Howard.) I can not wait. And thus far, the Universe has not let me down. Within ten days max, an unexpected, surprising opportunity shows up!
When the Universe Gives: Grab it and Say Thank You
As was this case with my most recent ‘de-clutter event.’ The Universe delivered an opportunity for me to attend “Weil on Wellness with Andrew Weil, MD – In depth explorations in achieving optimum health at Miraval Resort Spa in Tucson, Arizona,” a most extraordinary wellness immersion program set in one of the most beautiful and inspired places in America.
Much of the Miraval experience transpires from its setting. The resort sits in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, in the shadows of the mystical Santa Catalina Mountains; a place of mystery, of healing, a place of enchantment. Birds sing, coyotes howl, and the stress and tensions of every day life simply evaporate into thin air. You are transported.
Miraval is a place that strives for authenticity. While luxurious, it is not pretentious; it is a place of simple pleasures, of extraordinary and varied experiences. It is a place where you can find a quiet corner to ‘just be,’ or you can participate in one of many activities, which range from yoga to Aqua Zen massage; from an adventurous ride on the Sky Zipline to the Equine Experience. All glorious; all transformational experiences in one way or another.
And then, as if that isn’t enough to melt your heart, feed your soul, and send your spirit spiraling upward, Miraval offers a variety of special programs. I spent four glorious days ‘immersed in wellness’ with Dr. Andrew Weil and his team of experts.
The “Weil on Wellness Immersion” program was the perfect mix of information and experience. The group was relatively small in number, giving us all an unprecedented opportunity to spend time with Dr. Andrew Weil, one of the most outspoken proponents of combining traditional Western and alternative medicine under the concept of “integrative medicine.” Dr. Weil shared his wealth of knowledge and kindly answered all of our questions, of which there were many.
Dr. Weil challenges the idea that old age has to be a time of decline and chronic illness. He believes that we can live well, live long and then – die expeditiously. Our goal should be to increase the number of healthy years a person lives, not simply the total number of years. To do this, we need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The how to’s of what a healthy lifestyle means were covered, in depth.
The Miraval / Dr. Weil Wellness Immersion was a life-changing experience. I learned quite a bit; too much to write about in this blog post, but I will write a few follow-up posts to share specific, vital information in the coming weeks. So stay tuned!
In the meantime, if you have the resources to get to Miraval Resort Spa for rest and relaxation, to glide 25 feet high in the sky on the zipline, to get kneaded, peeled and rubbed, and to attend the next Andrew Weil, MD Wellness Immersion, do so!
8 Steps to Optimal Wellness (My Version):
· Declutter
· Whistle While You Work
· Windex Your Windows
· Invite the Universe In
· Sing Happy Songs
· Be Joyful
· Fill Up on Dr. Weil’s Wellness
· Say ‘Thank you Universe’
With gratitude to the Universe for sending me to Miraval to attend Dr. Weil’s Wellness Immersion, and gratitude to you, dear reader – for …
Spreading the healthy word … NOT the icing!
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