Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Motivational Monday – The Power of Your Unconscious Mind

“Whatever we plant in our unconscious minds and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” ~ Earl Nightingale
“You affect your unconscious mind by verbal repetition.” ~ W. Clement Stone

Our unconscious mind works perfectly, just as we program it to work. Our unconscious mind is at work 24/7, 365 days a year, never taking a vacation – not even a coffee break.
It is always available to accept direction from our conscious mind. Once directed, our unconscious mind files the information way. Once filed, the information becomes a belief system from which our thoughts and actions are informed.
These belief systems are stored over a lifetime. Many of these were accepted and embedded at a time when they were useful, or at a time when we were too young to know better. Many of these beliefs are no longer relevant.
It is important to note that your unconscious mind will continue to draw upon these belief systems and act accordingly, until your conscious mind rewrites the script, and nourishes it with repetition and emotion.
Empty words that hold no true meaning or spark of emotion will not take root.
This week, observe your actions and thoughts. Are they coming from an old script, an old belief system? Are they no longer useful? If they no longer work for you, then take some time to consciously rewrite your internal messages.
Write them. Speak them. Live them.
Your life will change.

“The possibilities of creative effort connected with the unconscious mind are stupendous and imponderable. They inspire one with awe.” ~ Napolean Hill

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Janice Taylor
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  • Your Name

    Wow,wow wee Janice,i like this article.I ‘d like to have clear conscious and subconscious mind if possible all the time.I don’t desire to put on records negative thoughts,i don’t wanna feel so very down ,depressed ,repressed,jealous,insecured etc,etc about anything in my life.For the longest time in my life,i have successfully maintained a very positive outlook in life no matter how dreadful the reality of my situations are,i do have beautiful thought to anyone i know Janice,for i am continously allowing myself to grow spiritually and learning the depths of understanding the nature and likeness of God who created us,and i do help myself be transformed through hearing,understanding and accepting the words of Jesus when he’s in the world 2000 years ago.When i notice myself having negative thoughts,i know it’s a sign that i need to work on getting more faith to God,to the people who loves me and whom i love in return,and asking God in prayer to bless me with more knowledge ,wisdom and understanding to become unbreakable and very firm in my faith.Maybe,Janice,i am visited by ghost when i feel little jealousy,lol,or maybe i am just physically homesick with my daddy,or any love ones who’s far away from me for long while,like my girl bak home or brothers and sisters.
    Your tips greatly help me to avoid thinking useless thoughts,it’s unhealthy to develope bad habits like this article you wrote today.thank you.

  • Melody

    Janice Thanks for this article!
    Absolutely true and yes, these old tapes need to get out of here and on with the new!:)
    Cheers and thanks for all your awesome work!
    It’s truly appreciated!!

  • Your Name

    Thanks, Janice. Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap!!!

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