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What does your body have to say? If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?
Want to lose weight? Want to create a healthy lifestyle? Eat when you are truly hungry. Stop when you are full. It’s that easy. … Or is it?
When leading a workshop at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, my question to the group – “How do you know when you are sated?” – was met with dead silence. People looked at me like I was from Mars. I asked again, “How do you know when you sated? You know, when you are no longer hungry. How do you know when it’s time to stop eating?” “Ohhhhh …” said one of the participants. “When the Biggest Loser is over.”
We stop eating when the TV show is over, when the bag is empty, when the plate is clean, when the food is gone – all external cues. We intellectually know that food is fuel for our body, and that if we were to tune into and listen to our body, our body would tell us when we were truly ‘hunger’ and lead us to the appropriate food. Yet, we have become very skilled at overriding the messages our body is sending to our brain. Aren’t we?
Three Keys to Listening to Your Body
3 Keys to Weight Loss SuccessKey 1. Is it time to ‘refuel?’ or Not? When you ‘think’ that you are hungry, check in with yourself and ask, “Am I truly hungry or am I looking for food to stuff down uncomfortable feelings? Am I bored? Stressed? Lonely?
3 Keys to Weight Loss SuccessKey 2. Have I had enough? The goal is to feel sated, not uncomfortably stuffed; not starving. It takes 20 minutes for the belly and the brain to communicate ‘full enough, done, stop.’ Remind yourself to chew slowly and savor the flavor. Enjoy the tastes, smells and textures of your food.
1. below empty, can’t think straight can’t walk straight – on the verge of a nervous breakdown (not clinically speaking … but you know what I mean)
2. ravenous, going to down the contents of the fridge
3. hungry, still sane but I better eat that apple now
4. slightly hungry – I can see it coming but can wait until I get to the table
5. in neutral – not even thinking about food
6. perfectly satisfied
7. full (already too much)
8. stuffed beyond
9. remorse setting in
10. physically ill
3 Keys to Weight Loss SuccessKey 3: Turning Inward. Take 30 seconds, here and there throughout the day to tune inward, and simply ask your body, “How are you doing? Do you need to breathe? Do you need to hydrate? Do you need to stretch or walk? Do you need to listen to some music to get the energy going? Tell me what you need. What you want. I’m here for you.”

There are times when we may food ourselves. There are times when we can fool others. But we can never food our body. It is the most sensitive barometer of our inner world. ~ Sherrill Sellman

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