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Want to lose it? Then snooze it! A series of studies published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggest that sleep plays a crucial part in weight loss. The International Journal of Obesity performed a study that showed people who sleep for more than nine hours each day are less likely to be overweight than those sleeping six hours or less.
Lack of sleep disrupts the production of a series of important metabolic and hormonal processes that control our fat to muscle ratio.
Lack of sleep also lowers the amount of REM (rapid eye movement) associated with deep sleep, which then causes our body to produce higher levels of cortisol and leptin. These hormones regulate our metabolism and let us know when we are full.
In other words, people who are sleep-deprived tend to crave high carbohydrate, high fat food -no matter how full they may be – and are less likely to pay careful attention to their weight loss/exercise goals.
Having trouble sleeping?
– Limit your caffeine intake (coffee, tea and chocolate!).
– Limit alcohol and do NOT drink right before bedtime.
It may make you sleepy, however, alcohol disrupts REM sleep.
– Create a relaxing bedtime ritual – light candles and incense, meditate, think healthy thoughts.
– Or take a hot bath, breathe deep, listen to restful music.
– Eliminate nighttime worry. Shelve the negative thoughts for the morning!
-Take your siesta early in the day; not too close to nighttime.
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