Our Lady of Weight Loss

If you want to permanently removed those excess pounds, then you might want to seriously consider constructing an altar. It is definitely an ‘outside the donut box’ weight loss tip, but it works!
Not only does the building of the altar give concrete form to your commitment and intention to lose weight, but it also creates a space that encourages tranquility and peace – a space where emotional eating simply does not exist.
The altar connects us to the many aspects of a role that has played a major part in our lives: “the dieter,” or “the fat one.” We now have an opportunity to reflect upon these roles and change them, tweak them or accept them.
An altar is designed to bring about changes in our growth, girth, attitude, circumstances, and circumference. The altar provides an opportunity for us to connect to the way we once were, as well as to who we wish to be.
Finally, the altar is the perfect place to pay homage to Our Lady of Weight Loss, the patron saint of permanent fat removal. (She certainly deserves it!)
Where will you place your Weight Loss Altar?
Before we begin construction, we need to figure out where we will place our altars. Here are some things to consider.
Do you want your altar to be in a private, quiet area of your home, or someplace where it will be seen by all? If you place your altar in a more public place within your home you run the risk of friends and family touching your altar, rearranging your candles and making comments. Will this annoy you (I’m speaking from experience)? If yes, place it in the far corner of the least visited room (maybe the master bath).
If you are going to display candles or incense on your altar, or any other burning materials, please be sure to place it far from drapes, children, and pets! Dresser tops make excellent bases for altars, as do shelves and window sills. And, of course, a stand in the corner of the room, is always a lovely choice. Think outside of the box (as in outside of your four walls) – create an altar in your garden.
The Altar Itself.
Although not mandatory, altar cloths do add color, texture and help to set the mood. And they provide another opportunity to be creative. You don’t have to buy an altar cloth. You can use doilies, scarves, or old linens. Always good to use something that has meaning to you.
You might want to give some thought to the color of your altar. This was a complicated decision for me. Although we are talking about weight loss here, for me – weight loss is a vehicle for reinvention and transformation. It’s as much about love, energy, health, spirit, creativity, self-control, and re-birth as actual pounds permanently removed. In which case any and all colors work.
Pink for love; Red for energy, health, strength; Purple for spiritual matters; Blue for healing, tranquility, health, Orange for creativity, encouragement; Black for self-control and re-birth.
What will you put on your altar?
The objects you decide upon to place on your altar are entirely up to you. The altar is a tool that connects your conscious mind to your unconscious mind and sets intention. As long as the items on your altar make sense to you, resonate with you – they are fine. You might consider including photos, statures, written words, poems, recipes, plants, cards, stones, books, coins, and of course, a Twinkie or two – in their wrappers, of course! Remember – No tasting!!
Spread the word … NOT the icing!
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