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As we get closer and closer to Halloween, I am beginning to think ‘orange’ … ‘blood orange,’ thus this very colorful, juicy and 5 yum delish recipe from the Our Lady of Weight Loss kitchens!
Blood Orange Halloween and Jicama Salad
1 medium jicama, peeled and sliced into thin strips.
3 Blood oranges, peeled and cut into segments.
1/2 fresh pineapple trimmed and cut into bite size cubes
1 small red onion peeled, sliced thin
Dash of salt
Cayenne pepper to taste
2 tablespoon olive oil
juice from 1 fresh lime
1 bunch cilantro leaves washed and chopped
1/2 bunch mint leaves washed and chopped
Place jicama strips and blood orange segments in a bowl. Add remaining ingredients, toss gently. Chill for a few hours and serve.
Rating: 5 YUM
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