Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Another Diet Pill Bites the Dust: Meridia Pulled Off the Shelves

About one month ago, a weight loss coaching client of mine asked me what I thought about Meridia. She desperately wanted to take something, anything to help curb her appetite and clear her mind of food thoughts.
I told her that pills never work. Seriously, never! Permanent weight loss is not about the food. It’s not about your weight. It is about your life.
Permanent weight loss is a holistic event. Life has an affect on the way you eat; your eating impacts on your health, relationships, creativity, spirituality – all parts of your life. If there is no internal change, no change in your thinking; then you may lose ‘it,’ but you will definitely find ‘it’ again.
After our session, I researched Meridia and found that there was a link between this drug and the risk of heart attack and stroke. In addition, I discovered that the drug had already been recalled in Europe, after a research report known as SCOUT (Sibutramine Cardiovascular Outcomes Trial) was published. I forwarded the information to my client.
Nevertheless, she went to her medical doctor at a well-known and well-respected clinic. She asked him for the drug. He whipped out his pad and prescribed it.
This week, the FDA announced a Meridia recall. The FDA determined that Meridia was too dangerous to keep on the market. The side effects of Meridia far outweighed the benefits. In fact, there was little evidence of actual weight loss from those who were taking this drug.
They called upon Abbott Laboratories to voluntarily pull the drug from the shelves. Abbott Laboratories released a statement indicating that while the company disagreed with the FDA’s position, they would comply.
Once again, another diet pill bites the dust.
Two points of interest for you to chew on:
1. Diet Pills Don’t Work. Even if they were safe and you lost weight, you would find it again the moment you stopped taking the pills. Permanent weight loss is a holistic event. You must be willing to dig deep, to go inward.
2. Europe vs. the U.S. This isn’t the first time that our government either allows drug and food corporations to sell their unhealthy wares to the public, or lags far behind in finding it unfit. Another product on the market that our children ingest in great quantities is Kraft’s Mac n’ Cheese. There are two formulas for their Mac n’ Cheese. One for America, and the other for European countries, because they won’t allow their citizens to ingest what’s bad for them.
As for my weight loss coaching client, she spent over $500 for the pills, took them for a week, mulled over all the information and came to the conclusion that it just wasn’t worth the risk. Praise be!
Spread the word … NOT the icing!
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  • Your Name

    Oh Janice!I feel for the client who spent 500 dollars for that recalled pill.And you are right about weight loss secret,it is about our spirituality that makes us well,well in all areas of our lives.I myself isn’t well,not all areas of my life are doing well ,or something isn’t right,that makes me contionously in my ailment.But,God,in His great mercy and grace ,i am still fighting ,keeping the faith of overcoming all these thick wall that
    hinders my weight loss.Nothing is impossible with God’s grace and help,and i implore thee for their great power to save me from this
    dungeon,i can imagine myself that i am free,because of my great faith in God’s love to deliver me from all these pains of weight loss,it’s not easy Janice to be obesse,I will surely ,step by step,by God’s blessing am be freed from these unwanted fats all over me.I love to embrace my healthy and wellness kind of living.Amen.

  • Lessons…

    Well at least she wasn’t harmed, and she has learned that weight loss is an inner journey.
    There ARE ways to curb appetite naturally. Someone did a study and if you drink 16 ounces of water before meals it will provide fullness as well as hydration and you eat less, as long as you’re over 40 (younger people have faster stomach emptying rates so this doesn’t work for them). Also, eating more fiber helps–and good fats in avocadoes and nuts, in limited serving sizes…
    I’ve been maintaining my weight following a slow but steady weight loss and it feels great. I hop on the scale every morning after the bathroom and if it fluctuates more than 2 pounds and it’s not that time of month, I eat more “clean” for a few days…

  • coachcms

    It’s sad to see people poison themselves with pills that do more harm than good. One component to weight loss that is often missed in the mainstream diet world is the inner game. This article goes into more detail:

  • Nuvoryn

    I’m not one to make comments on articles very often, but this information really spoke to me. It’s interesting and invaluable content presented in a very unique way. Thank you.

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