Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Fast Weight Loss on National Coffee Day

Quick Weight Loss : CaffeineIn celebration of National Coffee Day, I thought I would re-visit the happy benefits of coffee.
Java Junkies, Rejoice!
Have you heard? Coffee, the most popular drink in America – next to water – may help some lose weight as it increases the number of calories you burn per hour by 44%! Caffeinated coffee increases your metabolism. Cuppa Joe, be mine!
And that’s not all! My cup runneth over with the virtues of coffee.
According to a 10-year study conducted by the University of Bristol, scientists have found that a cup of coffee can sharpen your attention.
Some reports indicate that coffee may reduce the risk of colon cancer by 25%, because it helps to keep you regular. (No need for prunes!)
Coffee may reduce the risk of bladder cancer, skin cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and coffee may reduce the risk of developing kidney stones.
Theophylline, a compound in coffee, acts as a bronchodilator. For those with asthma, drinking coffee can lessen symptoms by 25 percent.
Coffee increases your alertness, which may, in fact, allow you to experience the joie de vie!
Now, don’t go hog wild guzzling gallons of the stuff, but it looks as though three or four cups a day (under 2 cups if you’re pregnant) won’t do you any harm.
Drink up!
Coffee Product / Caffeine Range (in milligrams)

Coffee (8-oz cup)
Brewed / 65-120 mg
Instant / 60 – 85mg
Decaffeinated, brewed / 2-4 mg
Decaffeinated, instant / 1-4 mg
Espresso, 1-oz. cup / 30-50 mg
Cappuccino and Latte, 1-oz shot / 30-50 mg
Moccachino, 1-oz shot / 35-55 mg
Full-bodied, dark-roast coffee may contain less caffeine than coffee made from milder, more lightly roasted beans. Arabica beans tend to have less caffeine but are milder in flavor than robusta beans. Also, the caffeine content of prepared coffee beverages may vary depending on the supplier’s recipe formula.
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Spread the word, not the icing!

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  • Renee Drew

    Even more reasons to enjoy a cuppa (or a coupla cuppas) of Joe!

  • brown fat

    visit for weight loss tips.

  • Angela william

    Hi Janice,
    Very nice tutorial. I was searching for some usefull information on weight loss and found this page.
    This is really nice information.

  • Becki

    3-4 cups of coffee a day may too much. Remember caffeine is a drug with side affects.

  • Todd29

    NO-ONE WILL LOSE WEIGHT UNLESS THEY WANT TO! Stop dieting; keep track of everything that you eat each day. Secret information will help you to get the body that you want. Each day keep your body properly hydrated with plain water and definitely limit your sodium intake. Keep mindless grazing to a minimum. Remember; eat to live, don’t live to eat! A daily regimen is needed by everyone and that regimen includes proper nourishment. Diets and diet aids do not help anyone! The only way to successfully lose weight and get the body that you deserve is by using secret information. This information is in the book Lose Weight Using Four Easy Steps which can be ordered through the website Everyone who has gotten a copy of these secrets has lost weight and become healthier.

  • Todd29

    The best xmas present for anyone who is serious about getting control of their weight is the book Lose Weight Using Four Easy Steps from If nothing else, get the book for yourself, leave it laying on your coffee table, and borrow it to a friend. They will be forever grateful to you!

  • Jahnavi

    Thank you for sharing that! We really need more people to realize that losing weight fast is not necessarily the right way to lose weight. And I’m so sorry! I really hope you figure out a way to get rid of the hanging skin.

  • Joe Heller

    Great post! I inject 20ccs of coffee every day as a part of this cool online weight loss plan, and I’ve lost 450 pounds in a month!

  • Kathi Casey

    Thanks Janice,
    I had to laugh when I read that coffee keeps you regular! In college, I always used my morning cup of coffee for that purpose – we used to joke about it being our laxative. Who knew back then?
    And I agree with Jahnavi about the hanging skin, the only thing I’ve seen help with that problem is building lean muscle. It fills out some of the sags a little!

  • Your Name

    My dad once wrote a book that nevr published,lol entitles hang in there,lol.I don’t know the scope of the title of his book though,i hope it includes my hanging skin on my arms,,i do wanna build lean muscles by work out,i have one 15 lbs weights here,thanks for mentioning about the hanging skin Janice,i feel so insecured,lol.gosh!

  • Rene Padilla

    Great post! About that hanging skin, yes. I’ll give credits to Jahnavi. But, thanks to my 30 days now. I don’t have that hanging skin. :)


    Hi Y’all has a diabetic I have been told coffee is a no-no,do to the fact that it raises blood sugar,has anybody else heard this,what about you Janice???

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