Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

July 4: Hop on the Weight Loss Freedom Train to Independence

In honor of the 4th of July, Independence Day, I thought I would share “Step #32″ from my book, All Is Forgiven, Move On: Our Lady of Weight Loss’s 101 Steps on Your Journey to Sveltesville, as it is speaks to freedom and independence!
Step 32 – Ride the Freedom Train
excerpt from All Is Forgiven, Move On
Have you ever imagined waking up one fine day, happily and mysteriously naturally thin? I’ve always wanted to wake up naturally thin, so that I could eat whatever I wanted. I thought freedom equaled eating with complete abandon. I hadn’t considered that freedom might mean that I would be free of cravings or free from obsessing about food.
Portion control? Toss that baby out the window, please! (Like that fabulous movie with Meryl Streep and Albert Books, Defending Your Life – unlimited spaghetti, no bloat, no weight gain). Yes, the state of ‘freedom’ would be an ever-flowing banquet of pasta, freshly grated cheese, and plenty o’ sauce, garlic bread (minus the bad breath), wine, and chocolate desserts of all kinds.
I thought that freedom equaled no consequences. No excess rolls of fat, no high cholesterol, no clogged arteries, no risk of diabetes, no back pain, no bad skin or lackluster hair. Just plain bliss. Bring on those platters!
However, after permanently removing over 50 pounds, I learned that freedom was, in fact, not about gluttony, but about something else entirely!
Freedom is about our capacity to act consciously, in a well-balanced manner.
Oddly enough, freedom comes from leading a balanced and structured life. Freedom flows freely when we plan our meals, plan our time, and yes, freedom even comes from counting and measuring our food.
When you plan, weigh, measure and count your food, then you are free of guilt, free of self-sabotage and self-punishment. No longer filled with food thoughts, you are free to think about something else. You are free to move forward, toward your compelling future.
You only have a certain amount of time and energy to expend in one day. Why not utilize it to fuel your body and spirit healthfully, without regret?
Unlimited amounts of sugar-coated, fat-laden foods, whether we were to wake up naturally thin or not, just won’t cut it.
Create structure, have a plan, and make healthy choices. Independence Day is the day that you joyfully take responsibility for your life and your food.
Spread the word … NOT the icing!

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  • Webmaster Patrickwanis

    Fantastic post. This blog is very helpful for those people who wants lose their weight. Your thought about weight loss is very beneficial for people. After reading this blog, person’s self-determination and inner peace is improve. Really, your thoughts are very effective.

  • The Katt

    Great post.
    To me, freedom is being able to walk up a flight of stairs without being winded. It’s about being able to get up and move my body however I want. Freedom is being able to put on a swimsuit without shame!
    I used to figure, “Life is short, so screw dieting and exercise, I’m going to eat what I want and LIVE!” But then, you’re not really free. The fat is weighing you down, both physically and emotionally. It’s like being in shackles. One you learn to live healthy, then you can truly be free!

  • Sophie

    Thank you for another great post. It’s a journey to get yourself to the point where you can A) Focus your energy on changing life style and B) Making it a priority no matter what to move every day. I am finally turning that corner – started in March and now on Independence Day – I am finally seeing my figure re emerge and it’s a great feeling. I have some more to go – but I am giving myself a thumb’s up now. I had to change my whole life though. I was in a stressful, unsatisfying job – I walked out. I had to downsize my life – but having less ‘stuff’ and not competing with the Jones’ finally gave me time to look at my health and future. Thank God.
    Happy 4th of July to all!!

  • Tanusha

    OWW This one is the best I have ever read Janice ^^ It’s so true!!! Freedom is about free from cravings and free from obsessing about food! :D:D And planning works! Because you can even plan to have a treat and make sure you exercise it out the same or next day! WOW! Respect, Janice! 😉

  • Your Name

    Freedom is free to be with your dad anytime anyday anyhow anyways,lol.
    i’ve been raised without a physical dad,i long for him most days of my life,thats why evry indepndence day,i describe it as freedom to my lack of having a daddy since i was born,it’s a sad life Janice,but my dad is precious to me no matter what.and thanks.

  • Sue

    Thank you for this. It’s so not about just being thin but being healthy. I feel so much freer being lighter. I feel so much freer being able to walk 2 miles at a brisk clip and feel great doing so. I do enjoy treats in moderation–but measuring out ONE serving of treats, and logging my daily intake of food and calories, has transformed my life. And when I did indulge and eat heavier on the 4th of July and eat around 1700 calories that day, I felt really bloated and lethargic the next morning…
    Not only did I have dangerously high blood pressure, but I had NO ENERGY when I didn’t eat right. My blood pressure is normal now–and I feel GREAT. And I have to say, that the difference between the same number on the scale when I was 19 and had gained my freshman/sophomore 15 pounds from eating junk and not moving as much in college, and being 45 and having permanently removed 30 pounds, is HUGE. That same poundage is distributed a little differently nowadays, but I am so much more healthy, and feel better now.
    Sure it takes discipline but if I eat 1500 nutritious calories a day for the rest of my life and walk 2.5 hours or more a week, I’m going to stay slender and healthy and petite the way God made me. AND FEEL GREAT.

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