Our Lady of Weight Loss

Our Lady of Weight Loss

Heatwave: 7 Simple BEAT the HEAT Summertime Strategies

Heat Be Gone! It is sweltering hot – dangerously hot – in many areas of the States. Right here, on my block, it hit an all time high yesterday of 103 degrees! I ran whatever errands I needed to ‘run’ at a crawl with a bottle of ice water in one hand and a ‘spritzer’ (a.k.a. spray bottle filled with ice water) in the other! And I wondered how people managed – heck how I managed – before air-conditioners. Yes, people. There was a time when we managed to get through the summer without air-conditioners! How did we get through those long dog-dayso f summer and oh … how about those steamy nights? With Kick Tush strategies, that’s how. Here are some of my best ‘cool down’ tips. But first … a faToid!

faToid: Most people sweat at 78 degrees!

7 Simple Summertime Strategies to Beat the Heat and Save Money & EnergyWhite Rice to the Rescue: Dense and starchy, rice ‘holds’ cold for a long period of time. So … get those cotton socks out of the dresser, fill them up with white rice, tie the end in a knot and freeze for two hours before bedtime. Then … slide them under the sheets. Oh Baby …. Cool down as you turn hot to steamy!Catch an Island Breeze: Fill a shallow bowl with ice, place it in front of the fan and strategically stand or sit in front of it. The perfect ice melts: you cool ratio. Thermal Regulation: Keep a water-filled spray bottle or two in your fridge. It makes for a most excellent portable cooling device; you can spritz and spray anywhere. Bring one for a loved one. Lest, they keep borrowing yours! Send Chilling Messages: Start icing, spritzing and cooling your wrists first, followed quickly by your feet. Thus, you start cooling down the blood that flows through your veins. The blood vessels will send ‘chilling’ messages throughout your body.Cool Down with Hot Stuff: Hot chili peppers (and other spicy foods) contain a chemical compound called capsaicin. This spicy devil helps us to sweat. The sweat evaporates and we cool down. Bottoms Up: With all that sweating going on, be careful to replenish your liquids! Best sources are water (duh) and water-filled foods. Watermelon has more water content than any other food out there! (See watermelon straight-up.)Kitchen Closed: Do not even think about turning on the oven. Opt for summer salads. They are water filled, so they keep you hydrated and they are easy to digest. And in the cool of the night, get the grill a’going. When the sun is down, grill up extra fruits and veggies for the next day!Spread the word (NOT the icing!),JaniceFor more summertime recipes, check out these Soul Satisfying Summer Recipes.Summer Salads to Die For———————————————–Curious about coaching and how Janice Taylor can help you live your best life? Write Janice!

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  • Debra Rincon Lopez

    I still have to live without air conditioning and no ride’s to the store. I guess that’s is my fault for not getting a better education. But, I am disabled and it wouldn’t have done any good anyways? I live on $445.00 dollars a month with me & my 3 son’s. Its so hard but I still have been pretty Happy. God is good to me and I have quit using drugs & alcohol in the past 3 yrs. ThaT’S HOW BLESSED I AM TODAY! Life is so good, I have no complaints!! EVERYONE STAY COOL AS POSSIBLE & HAVE A BLESSED AND HAPPY DAY TODAY!! & TOMMARROW TOO!!!

  • songofjoy

    Hi Lady of… don’t know what that URL is to add… I was inspired by your ways to cool off… esp. about the socks.. you see I make rice bags by using three pounds white rice (very cheap) BUT I ONLY used them for “warming” up in the winter… never thought of freezing them to cool down… DUH!
    I take a NEW kitchen towel and fold it in half length wise and sew the long and one short side… THEN pour in one pound of rice. Sew that into place about 1/3 from bottom of towel… put in second pound of rice and sew that across… put in final pound of rice and sew the towel closed… 3 to 5 minutes in microwave… and wa-la warm ANYTHING on your body whether it aches or pains or is just cold… In the winter we keep the heat low and at 4 pm we “fire up ” the rice bags and wear them round our shoulders…before bed nuk again for the feet… the cat WILL find those bags under the covers.. Makes great gifts too.. and now you have expanded my horizons… get them out of storage and freeze them… OH the JOY of wearing an iced necklace today as we reach for the 100’s AGAIN!

  • Nathanne

    Hi Janice, I live in the high desert in California, and before we could afford air conditioning in the house, I used these “neck scarves” made with those watering beads people use for their plants. These little beads hold water for a long time before they dry out, so a smart person sewed them into a neck scarf made out of pretty cotton fabric. You soak the scarf in cold water until it plumps up from the little beads absorbing the water inside the scarf. Then you tie it around your neck. I used to have a couple of them on hand, two in the fridge, ready to go, and one to wear. They really help keep you cool. Also, as you said, fans, fans, fans, blowing on you.

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