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WATCH THIS! Did Oprah Rig Votes Against Zach Anner?

The Internet is abuzz and people are wondering, “Did Oprah rig votes against Zach Anner?” Here are the facts (as I know them)!Zach Anner, who has cerebral palsy and a great sense of humor, submitted a fabulously fresh and funny video at Oprah’s “Your Own Show” website in hopes of winning OWN’s prize, his own talk show. Since June 1, his video submission has received over 3 million votes. And he was apparently well ahead of the competition until recently, when Dr. Phyllis steam-rolled right past him! Thus the rumors.Anner, a former University of Texas student, who is sometimes referred to as a “wheelchair-bound chick magnet,” and was called the “Next Oprah” by bloggers with the New York Times and TIME magazine.If you would like to help Anner remain in the top and make his way to Los Angeles to compete in the final round for the hosting prize, vote for him here! As for the rumor? Come on! Why in the world would Oprah want to block him from winning? People please! I’m about ready to eat something to stuff down the silliness of it all!!! But instead, I’m going to share Zach Anner’s video and slim down while I laugh it up! Laugh and vote with me!Thanks to Zach for pushing my happiness envelope!Spread the word … NOT the icing!Janice———————————————–Curious about coaching and how Janice Taylor can help you live your best life? Write Janice!

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  • Jeff

    Before you published this article, you should have researched your facts. Zach has a group of supporters that are very disturbing and evil. As a contestant myself, I have been on top of what has been going on. The entry that has blatantly cheated is Zach Anner’s. Zach had ONLY 4,000, yes four thousand votes, when in a matter of hours, he jumped to over 2 million votes. His supporters claimed that he went “viral” overnight, which is a bunch of B.S. and now they dare to cry foul when Dr. Phyllis passed him in votes. There are tons of chat rooms right now where Zach’s supporters are not only spreading totally false rumors about Oprah and Dr. Phyllis, but are also using horribly racist, sexist and demeaning comments against them. It is pretty SCARY. They have also posted Dr. Phyllis and her sister’s addresses, phone numbers and emails in order for them to receive threatening calls. They have also posted tons of horrible comments on the wellknown “Rate my Professor” website. These are but a few examples of the scary tactics they are using to terrorize Dr. Phyllis and spread false rumors. Please do the right thing, do your own research and post another article

  • Pedro Bearnice

    Jeff: Before making such claims you should do some more research too. From what I’ve seen, Zach is indeed supported by massive online communities. I don’t see how this is forbidden in the rules. As for you denying the fact that it vent viral… It was on Digg’s frontpage for quite a while, making hundreds ouf thousands of people see the video. It’s also pretty hard to deny the fact that Phyllis’ button really passed different variables to the javascript function than the other contestants’ buttons. I’m not talking about the obvious “contestant” variable, but the mysterious “eid” variable, which seems to be ‘NA’ for everyone else except Phyllis.
    The fact that Phyllis received such amounts of votes overnight is quite interesting too. Think about it seriously for a moment: If Zach is propped up by hundreds of thousands of people online, with celebrities supporting him too, how is it even POSSIBLE for someone like Phyllis to just get past him so fast? Wouldn’t that require even bigger backing, which, I’m sure, neither you or me or anyone else has yet to see.
    Well, that’s just my take on the situation and on your opinions, but yeah. I’m convinced these aren’t JUST rumors.

  • John Davids

    It’s obvious Oprah identifies with Dr. Phyllis and has a strong desire to see her succeed — so much that she has somehow caused the voting to be rigged. I think Oprah just sees Dr. Phyllis as Oprah reincarnated — a beauty queen who breaks out of her modest beginning to become highly educated and successful. She admires her — likes her and has made up her mind this is who’s going to win!

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